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 (ĭ-grē′jəs, -jē-əs)
Conspicuously bad or offensive. See Synonyms at flagrant.

[From Latin ēgregius, outstanding : ē-, ex-, ex- + grex, greg-, herd; see ger- in Indo-European roots.]

e·gre′gious·ly adv.
e·gre′gious·ness n.
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taxpayers in spite of the egregiousness of some of their actions.
The egregiousness of this situation in Palestine is being addressed today in US Congress, where a new (http://www.
The egregiousness of the infringement is an explicit element that must be established before enhanced damages can be awarded.
In the general case, the constitutional bar on party patronage does not vary with the egregiousness of the partisanship.
barometer to understand the devshirme tax's level of egregiousness.
163) Second was the death penalty's arbitrariness, with death sentences largely determined by race, gender, local geography, and resources, as opposed to the egregiousness of the crime.
The egregiousness of this study led to the creation and recognition
The basic distinction lies in the egregiousness of the trespass and whether it is of such intensity as to amount to a taking.
The egregiousness of the situation made a strong case to support the efforts of the Statewide Guardian Ad Litem Office, which had been working with the Florida Legislature to clarify the consideration courts must give to the best interests of the child under the statute.
So when a prosecutor is killed, they are almost always premeditated attacks, which kind of raises the level of egregiousness.
As a result, Professor John Jeffries argues, courts focus unduly on existing precedent and not the egregiousness of official behavior.
Importantly, section 8 of the Charter protects "people, not places" (32), a seminal principle in search and seizure law which means that the egregiousness of the crime, whether it involves terrorism or not, has no bearing on the accessibility of the right itself.