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1. The act of coming or going out; emergence.
2. The right to leave or go out: denied the refugees egress.
3. A path or opening for going out; an exit.
4. Astronomy The emergence of a celestial body from eclipse or occultation.
intr.v. e·gressed, e·gress·ing, e·gress·es
To go out; emerge.

[Latin ēgressus, from past participle of ēgredī, to go out : ē-, ex-, ex- + gradī, to go; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]


1. Also called: egression the act of going or coming out; emergence
2. a way out, such as a path; exit
3. the right or permission to go out or depart
4. (Astronomy) astronomy another name for emersion2
vb (intr)
to go forth; issue
[C16: from Latin ēgredī to come forth, depart, from gradī to move, step]


(n. ˈi grɛs; v. ɪˈgrɛs)

1. the act of going out or leaving.
2. the right to go out.
3. a means or place of going out; exit.
4. the emergence of a heavenly body from an eclipse, transit, etc.
5. to go out; emerge.
[1530–40; < Latin ēgressus going out, escape; compare grade]
e•gres′sion, n.


Past participle: egressed
Gerund: egressing

I egress
you egress
he/she/it egresses
we egress
you egress
they egress
I egressed
you egressed
he/she/it egressed
we egressed
you egressed
they egressed
Present Continuous
I am egressing
you are egressing
he/she/it is egressing
we are egressing
you are egressing
they are egressing
Present Perfect
I have egressed
you have egressed
he/she/it has egressed
we have egressed
you have egressed
they have egressed
Past Continuous
I was egressing
you were egressing
he/she/it was egressing
we were egressing
you were egressing
they were egressing
Past Perfect
I had egressed
you had egressed
he/she/it had egressed
we had egressed
you had egressed
they had egressed
I will egress
you will egress
he/she/it will egress
we will egress
you will egress
they will egress
Future Perfect
I will have egressed
you will have egressed
he/she/it will have egressed
we will have egressed
you will have egressed
they will have egressed
Future Continuous
I will be egressing
you will be egressing
he/she/it will be egressing
we will be egressing
you will be egressing
they will be egressing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been egressing
you have been egressing
he/she/it has been egressing
we have been egressing
you have been egressing
they have been egressing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been egressing
you will have been egressing
he/she/it will have been egressing
we will have been egressing
you will have been egressing
they will have been egressing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been egressing
you had been egressing
he/she/it had been egressing
we had been egressing
you had been egressing
they had been egressing
I would egress
you would egress
he/she/it would egress
we would egress
you would egress
they would egress
Past Conditional
I would have egressed
you would have egressed
he/she/it would have egressed
we would have egressed
you would have egressed
they would have egressed
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.egress - (astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse
astronomy, uranology - the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole
reappearance - the event of something appearing again; "the reappearance of Halley's comet"
eclipse, occultation - one celestial body obscures another
ingress, immersion - (astronomy) the disappearance of a celestial body prior to an eclipse
2.egress - the becoming visible; "not a day's difference between the emergence of the andrenas and the opening of the willow catkins"
beginning - the event consisting of the start of something; "the beginning of the war"
eruption - the emergence of a tooth as it breaks through the gum
dissilience - the emergence of seeds as seed pods burst open when they are ripe
3.egress - the act of coming (or going) out; becoming apparent
human action, human activity, act, deed - something that people do or cause to happen
surfacing - emerging to the surface and becoming apparent
emission, emanation - the act of emitting; causing to flow forth
Verb1.egress - come out of; "Water issued from the hole in the wall"; "The words seemed to come out by themselves"
pop out - come out suddenly or forcefully; "you stick a bill in the vending machine and the change pops out"
radiate - issue or emerge in rays or waves; "Heat radiated from the metal box"
leak - enter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure; "Water leaked out of the can into the backpack"; "Gas leaked into the basement"
escape - issue or leak, as from a small opening; "Gas escaped into the bedroom"
fall - come out; issue; "silly phrases fell from her mouth"
debouch - pass out or emerge; especially of rivers; "The tributary debouched into the big river"
fall out, come out - come off; "His hair and teeth fell out"


The act of leaving:


[ˈiːgres] N (frm) → salida f
References in classic literature ?
Alarmed at this terrible outburst between the two principal and responsible owners of the ship, and feeling half a mind to give up all idea of sailing in a vessel so questionably owned and temporarily commanded, I stepped aside from the door to give egress to Bildad, who, I made no doubt, was all eagerness to vanish from before the awakened wrath of Peleg.
His spout was short, slow, and laborious; coming forth with a choking sort of gush, and spending itself in torn shreds, followed by strange subterranean commotions in him, which seemed to have egress at his other buried extremity, causing the waters behind him to upbubble.
One comprehends how undisturbed he was, and how safe from any danger of interruption, when it is stated that he even carried off a unicorn's horn--a mere curiosity--which would not pass through the egress entire, but had to be sawn in two-- a bit of work which cost him hours of tedious labor.
I guessed, by his preparations, that egress was allowed, and, leaving my hard couch, made a movement to follow him.
Looking about him while in this state of suspense, Charles Darnay observed that the gate was held by a mixed guard of soldiers and patriots, the latter far outnumbering the former; and that while ingress into the city for peasants' carts bringing in supplies, and for similar traffic and traffickers, was easy enough, egress, even for the homeliest people, was very difficult.
When she had laid the supper-cloth, the bridge was lowered to give her means of egress, and she withdrew for the night.
O Progeny of Heav'n, Empyreal Thrones, With reason hath deep silence and demurr Seis'd us, though undismaid: long is the way And hard, that out of Hell leads up to Light; Our prison strong, this huge convex of Fire, Outrageous to devour, immures us round Ninefold, and gates of burning Adamant Barr'd over us prohibit all egress.
Surprised, leader-less, attacked in front by invisible foes, and finding egress cut off by the Convicts behind them, they at once -- after their manner -- lost all presence of mind, and raised the cry of "treachery".
Korak, seeing that they were discovered, lifted Meriem to his shoulders and ran for the tree which would give them egress from the village.
It was evidently a block without any possible egress.
A small door, close to the lodge of the concierge, gave ingress and egress to the servants and masters when they were on foot.
As the Indians had represented, they were now in a natural fastness of the mountains, the ingress and egress of which was by a deep gorge, so narrow, rugged, and difficult as to prevent secret approach or rapid retreat, and to admit of easy defence.