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Any of several large sea ducks, especially of the genus Somateria of northern regions, having soft, commercially valuable down and predominantly black and white plumage in the male.

[Back-formation from eiderdown.]


(ˈaɪdə) or

eider duck

(Animals) any of several sea ducks of the genus Somateria, esp S. mollissima, and related genera, which occur in the N hemisphere. The male has black and white plumage, and the female is the source of eiderdown
[C18: from Old Norse æthr; related to Swedish ejder, Dutch, German Eider]

ei′der duck`

any of several large diving ducks, esp. of the genus Somateria, of northern seas.
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Noun1.eider - duck of the northern hemisphere much valued for the fine soft down of the femaleseider - duck of the northern hemisphere much valued for the fine soft down of the females
sea duck - any of various large diving ducks found along the seacoast: eider; scoter; merganser
genus Somateria, Somateria - eider ducks
eiderdown - down of the eider duck


nEiderente f


[ˈaɪdəʳ] n (also eider duck) → edredone m
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A seabird paradise is situated about a mile from Amble harbour, as the island is the home to 40,000 nesting sea birds including puffins, rare roseate terns, sandwich tern, common tern, artic terns, kittiwakes and eider ducks which all nest here in the summer months.
F E HYNES, Middlesbrough Male and female Eider ducks at South Gare, Redcar, by Ray |Simpson, of Marske
Taking a boat around Puffin Island last week, however, we saw good numbers of Guillemots and Kittiwakes on the cliffs, and a few dozen Puffins and Eider ducks too.
r they usually make mud nests in the wild, but havea grow rn to prefer bark chippings after they were placed on their island to assist the breeding of the eider ducks, who were found nesting on the chippings.
The islanders have long since left but every May the eider ducks come ashore to mate.
Species benefiting from the makeover include rosy-billed pochard, ringtail teal, chestnut teal, red-billed pintails, Ross's snow goose, marble teal, red-crested pochard, mandarin ducks, eider ducks and lesser white-fronted goose.
This cruise will not only show you puffins, but you will also see Sandwich terns diving for fish and eider ducks feeding.
Hundreds of common eider ducks were cast ashore, bedraggled and dead, at the wrack line, where the receding tide leaves debris, "lying just one after the other," she said.
After a wonderful night's sleep, rocked by the gentle lapping of the Baltic, we took breakfast and watched the Eider ducks and their ducklings swim around the boat, and then reluctantly left and headed north to Stockholm.