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One of a set of quantum-mechanical descriptions of the possible state of a physical system, using the mathematics of eigenvectors and generally existing in a state of superposition until the moment of observation.

[eigen- (as in eigenvalue) + state.]
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The reason is that the system is in a state of superposition just before the measurement is performed, whereas after the measurement it takes, qua projection, the eigenstate of that operator that has been assigned to the observable to be measured.
TPA is the phenomenon of absorbing two photons simultaneously to excite the eigenstate corresponding to the resulting sum of photon energy.
0] has been tuned so that this condition is true, the first few terms in the spectrum of this iteration of the eigenstate will contain most of the essential information about [delta][R.
by displaying the contribution of the s and p orbitals to the charge distribution of an eigenstate of the triple pyramid quantum dot.
There would be, as Egan's narrator puts it, 'one isolated consciousness per eigenstate, like the many-worlds model brought to life' (p.
The measurement problem is properly understood as a problem of logical inconsistency among the following three hypotheses: (1) the dynamics of every physical system, including the universe, is linear (more precisely unitary); (2) an observable has a determinate value if and only if the system is in an eigenstate of the corresponding operator (and the determinate value is equal to the corresponding eigenvalue); and (3) what an observer takes as a fact after the completion of the measurement, namely that the measuring device indicates a determinate value, is really a physical fact.
In order of obtain the one-magnon eigenstate, it is of interest to notice that
Finally, the value of l determines the eigenstate [[psi].
Berry [1] was the first who addressed this issue in quantum mechanics: He considered a system initially in an eigenstate |n(R(t))>[.
57], "it is quite legitimate to write down an eigenstate of energy at a well-defined time".
With [alpha] = 0 the left hand side is just the Hamiltonian with the plane wave its eigenstate.