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v. e·ject·ed, e·ject·ing, e·jects
1. To throw out forcefully; expel: The burning house ejected yellow flames into the night sky.
a. To compel to leave: ejected the bar patron who started a fight.
b. To evict: ejected tenants for lease violations.
3. Sports To disqualify or force (a player or coach) to leave the playing area for the remainder of a game.
a. To cause a device to push (something) out: I ejected the DVD from the player using the remote control.
b. To push (something) out: The console ejected the video game.
To make an emergency exit from an aircraft by deployment of an ejection seat or capsule.

[Middle English ejecten, from Latin ēicere, ēiect- : ē-, ex-, ex- + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

e·ject′a·ble adj.


capable of being ejected
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This means that if we apply the rule that the HDT is somehow a critical factor in estimating cycle time, we would need to run very cold molds in order to achieve an ejectable condition.
Le coach marocain s'est, visiblement, pose sur un siege ejectable, en accumulant les contre-performances.
The idea of ejectable black boxes was mooted after an Air France A330 jet crashed killing all 228 people aboard in 2009.
Sur un siege ejectable apres l'elimination en Coupe d'Algerie, jeudi dernier, contre le Paradou AC, l'entraineur de l'USMA, Miloud Hamdi, aura reussi a gagner du sursis.
8,322,263 describes the function of its hand-held explosive laser gun this way: "A laser weapon system includes a chamber configured to direct a post-detonation gas flow between a first mirror and a second mirror, and an ejectable ammunition cartridge containing a first gas and a second gas.
PARIS (AFP) -- Long-haul Airbus A350 and A380 passengers jets will soon come equipped with ejectable black boxes that can float, making them easier to find in an air crash at sea, aviation sources said Monday.
It is also looking at ejectable black boxes as one way to aid searches and solve mysteries like that of the missing MH370.
The ICAO will also ask airlines to equip their aircraft with ejectable black boxes.
The MPBUS Project is committed to develop a new power bus architecture combining ejectable batteries with the main bus through intelligent nodes.
Proposed concepts should indicate uses for ejectable mass up to 150 kg prior to Mars atmospheric entry and/or another 150 kg during the entry and landing phases of the mission.
Le PDG de Veolia Environnement, Antoine Frerot, est sur un siege ejectable et pourrait etre remplace prochainement par l'ancien ministre de l'Ecologie Jean-Louis Borloo (centre-droit), selon plusieurs medias.
These include an all-new primary fly-by-wire control system, a distinctive ejectable crew and passenger safety capsule cabin and a telemetry downlink maintenance monitoring system," said a company spokesperson.