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470, telescopic sight, double ejector, point-blank up to three-fifty.
I thought so," said he, "the revolver had an ejector, and here is the third cartridge.
was unleashing an S&W 4th Model Hand Ejector 5-inch in .
8" microSATA ejector to the market so that the system designers now can enjoy the full range benefits of deploying 1.
Combined with Optel Vision's CountSafe(TM) inspection system, the ejector is a tool-less device that can reject any kind of defect: wrong shape, wrong color, wrong size and broken product or rogue.
ITV'S Ejector Seat plagiarising The Graham Norton Show and C4 Spitting Image puppet Christian Jessen's excuse to undo his shirt on Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic.
The M9 ACE's ejector hydraulic cylinder rod looks like a handy step, especially when you step down into and around the bowl to check the vehicle's compensation pump or look for a leak in the valve bank.
A More than likely the ejector rod has loosened and has moved forward against the ejector rod locking bolt under the barrel.
PHIL) to offer its customized products and technology including their proprietary ejector bodies, water tanks, J-Hook systems, sticky material carryback solutions in addition to other articulated hauler customizations.
This has proven to be less of a target, and more of a reality over recent years as their ejector solutions break new ground.