Election Day

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Election Day

A day set by law for the election of public officials.

Elec′tion Day`

1. the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, on which national elections are held in the U.S. in even years.
2. (often l.c.) any day designated for the election of public officials.
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Noun1.Election Day - the day appointed for an electionelection day - the day appointed for an election; in the United States it is the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"

election day

ngiorno delle elezioni
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And then finally, when election day came, the packing houses posted a notice that men who desired to vote might remain away until nine that morning, and the same night watchman took Jurgis and the rest of his flock into the back room of a saloon, and showed each of them where and how to mark a ballot, and then gave each two dollars, and took them to the polling place, where there was a policeman on duty especially to see that they got through all right.
The man that had taken Jurgis to be naturalized was one of these "Indians," as they were called; and on election day there would be hundreds of them out, and all with big wads of money in their pockets and free drinks at every saloon in the district.
It gave them pleasure to believe this, for Scully stood as the people's man, and boasted of it boldly when election day came.
Let us consider it settled, therefore, that Winthrop, Bellingham, Dudley, and Endicott, each of them, when chosen governor, took his seat in our great chair on election day.
He was up in Carter Flagg's store at the Glen the night after election day, along with a crowd of others, waiting for the news.
By the power of our ballots on election day will we take your government away from you--"
This distinction could more justly be claimed by some mariners -- a part of the crew of the vessel from the Spanish Main -- who had come ashore to see the humours of Election Day.
August 5 (ANI): In an effort to track a suspected Russian disinformation campaign utilising 'fake news,' the FBI monitored social media on the Election Day last year, CNN reports.
Lawmakers in California have introduced a bill into the State Assembly aimed at increasing voter turnout by making Election Day a paid holiday, according to local (http://www.
He said media's role was important to educate voters to come and cast their vote on election day.
That's our suggested proclamation to make Election Day a holiday.
This year, Election Day falls on the second Tuesday in November.