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1. Of or relating to a selection by vote.
2. Filled or obtained by election: elective office.
3. Having the power or authority to elect; electoral.
4. Permitting or involving a choice; optional: elective surgery.
An optional academic course or subject.

e·lec′tive·ly adv.
e·lec′tive·ness n.
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The patient consulted his family physician and then was referred electively for office urologic consultation.
It is now almost common practice to see patients coming in electively wanting to freeze their eggs," he said in an interview.
Must be able to electively share patient data with surrounding EMS agencies, making available patients and patient history for charting upon subsequent transport(s);
Hanks, executive vice president and chief financial officer, electively retired from the company, effective October 31, 2014.
Powys and Ceredigion were the only other authorities in Wales with more than 100 pupils of compulsory school age electively educated at home, while Blaenau Gwent (19) and Merthyr Tydfil (13) had the fewest.
Etihad Airways was one of the first Gulf carriers to electively suspend flights to both the Syrian capital Damascus (in August, 2012) and Tripoli (November, 2013).
8,727,650 B2; Craig Carroll of Newport Beach, CA and Steve Armstrong of San Juan Capistrano, CA patented a cosmetic dispenser that holds a substance; a body housing the reservoir; an applicator selectively extendable or retractable through an opening; and a cap for electively exposing and closing the opening for electively extending the applicator and exposing the opening, comprising (1) a pair of cap shoots coupled to the cap and (2) at least one flexor that is mechanically coupled to the cap and housing so that said means operates by mechanically forcing the cap off the opening via the cap shoots and away from the path of the applicator via the flexor; means for electively locking the extended applicator and, means for ejecting the substance.
Dr Vel Ramalingam, who cared for Rohan, wiped back tears as he told the hearing: "Rohan was electively extubated.
His oxygen requirement further increased to 10 L/min via nonrebreather mask to achieve a saturation of 92%, and he was electively intubated.
In this case, neither the in vitro fertilization nor the PGD was done electively.
Energizing and enriching, traditional Vietnamese acupressure therapy applied to the scalp, face, back and feet electively opens the channels of energy flow, invigorating and promoting balance with eucalyptus and aloe wood oils.
For one thing, people with chronic or minor problems are not going to electively come to the ED and risk missing major televised sporting events.