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1. Of or relating to a selection by vote.
2. Filled or obtained by election: elective office.
3. Having the power or authority to elect; electoral.
4. Permitting or involving a choice; optional: elective surgery.
An optional academic course or subject.

e·lec′tive·ly adv.
e·lec′tive·ness n.
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Latest figures show there are around 2,000 electively home educated children in Wales, although figures could be higher as parents do not have to register them.
Every mother undergoing the procedure either electively or as an emergency should be fully aware of these risks and discuss them with their attending practitioners.
Meanwhile, Eververse is the category that has electively purchased or earned content.
Nasser Al Haj, Director of Commercial Transport Activities at the RTA Licencing Agency, said, "We have identified 21 Coherent Commercial Groups where the licensee is permitted to practice one or add more activities electively within the activities set under the same group.
On home education Prof Holland repeats calls for a register for electively home educated children and for those children to be seen from time to time by a professional.
McMahon said the horse was electively tested on August 15, when the sample was still positive, and he must be retested before he runs again.
Given the acute phase of stroke and no proof of progressive cardiac ischemia, PCI was electively performed 3 months post-MI, implanting a stent in LAD and two stents in LCX, respectively.
Methods: Ninety two male patients from 20-60 years of age reported for direct or indirect inguinal hernia with open Mesh/Lichtenstein or darn repair in emergency or electively from January 2014 to December 2015 were enrolled in this prospective randomized control trial (RCT).
Face-bow is used electively in carrying the relationship between maxilla and the condyles from the patient to the articulator.
Pediatric urology is unique, as the vast majority of cases are performed on otherwise healthy children with low acuity diagnoses that can be cared for electively as day cases.
Electively surgeons cannot repair the internal anal sphincter.
RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Richards said: "We are really concerned that many dogs, like the so-called 'teacup' dogs, are being electively bred to look a certain way.