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 (ĭ-lĕk′tər-əl, -lĕk-tôr′-)
1. Of, relating to, or composed of electors.
2. Of or relating to an election or elections.

e·lec′tor·al·ly adv.
Usage Note: Traditionally, electoral is pronounced with stress on the second syllable, sharing the same pattern as the word electrical. A newer pronunciation has recently emerged, one with the stress on the third syllable, rhyming roughly with floral. (A similar shift has been occurring in the pronunciation of the word doctoral.) In 2013, the Usage Panel substantially favored the traditional pronunciation: 95 percent found it acceptable, and 76 percent preferred it. Only 31 percent found the variant with the stress on the second syllable acceptable, and 24 percent preferred it. If you pronounce electoral with stress on the third syllable, you'll be in good company, but you should know that many people may think you're making a pronunciation error.


(ɪˈlɛktərəl) or


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) relating to or consisting of electors
eˈlectorally adv


(ɪˈlɛk tər əl)

1. pertaining to electors or elections.
2. consisting of electors.
e•lec′tor•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.electoral - of or relating to elections; "electoral process"
2.electoral - relating to or composed of electors; "electoral college"
elected, elective - subject to popular election; "elective official"
kjósenda; kosninga-
seçimle ilgili


A. ADJelectoral
B. CPD electoral college Ncolegio m electoral
electoral register, electoral roll Nregistro m electoral, censo m electoral (Sp)
electoral vote N (US) (Pol) → voto m electoral
Los norteamericanos no votan directamente a su Presidente o a su vicepresidente, sino que votan a unos compromisarios (electors) que a su vez se comprometen a votar a determinados candidatos. Estos compromisarios conforman el electoral college, tal y como se contempla en la Constitución. El número de votos que tiene un estado para elegir al Presidente es igual al de senadores y diputados. Cada partido político elige a un grupo de compromisarios y en el día de las elecciones presidenciales el pueblo vota al grupo que apoya al candidato de su elección. Como el grupo que gana usa todos los votos del estado para votar a su candidato, podría ocurrir, en teoría, que un candidato ganara el voto popular pero no las elecciones, si le han apoyado colegios electorales con un número pequeño de votos.


[ɪˈlɛktərəl] adj [system] → électoral(e)electoral college ncollège m électoralelectoral district electoral division n (US)circonscription f (électorale)


adjWahl-; electoral boundariesGrenzen plder Wahlbezirke; electoral defeat/victoryWahlniederlage f/-sieg m; electoral fraudWahlbetrug m; electoral processWahlverfahren nt; electoral supportUnterstützung fdurch die Wähler; electoral systemWahlsystem nt; the electoral map (lit)die Aufteilung der Wahlbezirke; (fig)die Stimmenverteilung in den Wahlbezirken


[ɪˈlɛktrl] adjelettorale


(iˈlekt) verb
1. to choose by vote. He was elected chairman; elected to the committee.
2. to choose (to do something). They elected to go by taxi.
(placed immediately after noun) chosen for office but not yet in it. the president elect.
eˈlection (-ʃən) noun
the choosing, or choice, (usually by vote) of person(s) for office. When do the elections take place?; He is standing for election again.
eˌlectioˈneer (-ʃə-) verb
to work to bring about the election of a candidate.
eˈlector noun
a person who has the right to vote at an election. Not all the electors bothered to vote.
eˈlectoral adjective
of elections or electors. The names of all electors are listed in the electoral roll.
eˈlectorate (-rət) noun
all electors taken together. Half of the electorate did not vote.
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When the Legislature acted politically--that is to say, when it dealt with foreign complications, or electoral reforms--he followed his leader.
Ergo, with it des Lupeaulx goes into the electoral college, becomes eligible, count, and whatever he pleases.
To reckon the importance of Mademoiselle Cormon's salon at its true value, it will suffice to say that the born statistician of the society, du Bousquier, had estimated that the persons who frequented it controlled one hundred and thirty-one votes in the electoral college, and mustered among themselves eighteen hundred thousand francs a year from landed estate in the neighborhood.
The White House had received a new tenant--the old one was then just leaving it--and Count Otto had had the advantage, during the first eighteen months of his stay in America, of seeing an electoral campaign, a presidential inauguration and a distribution of spoils.
Despite the hiccup, Brian Munyao Longwe, an independent consultant, says Kenya has made tremendous strides in boosting transparency, trust in the electoral process and strengthening the country's democratic institutions.
8million people from across the North East have had their previous electoral register entries transferred on to new registers by Electoral Registration Officers.
BARDO (TAP) - The Consensus Commission at the National Constituent Assembly, on Monday, reached compromise on Articles 147, 148 and 53 of the future electoral law on electoral-related offences, President of the General Legislation Commission Kalthoum Badreddine told TAP.
by Pajhwok Report on 23 April, 2014 - 13:56 KABUL (Pajhwok):The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Wednesday it was encouraged by steps taken by the two Afghan national electoral institutions to continuously increase transparency around the counting of votes.
The experts have arrived in Kyrgyzstan to seek opportunities for cooperation on development of the electoral legislation and to provide support for the introduction of technology in the electoral process in Kyrgyzstan.
THE MAORI Electoral Option 2013 opened last month and runs to July 24.
The Lebanese Forces seriously seeks to reach consensus and to have an electoral law that ensures proper representation," Zahra added.
Registro Electoral Venezolano y Sistema General del Registro Civil como Fuente de Produccion de Datos.