electric resistance

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Noun1.electric resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric currentelectric resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
ohmage - the ohmic resistance of a conductor
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The company named 18 firms as authorized standard and line pipe distributors for Seamless and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe; seven as distributors of Seamless only and four as distributors of ERW products only.
Specific electric resistance (SER) of electrode thermoanthracite is the main parameter of quality of the widely distributed carbon material characterized, in comparison with initial feedstock (fossil anthracite), by rather high electric conductivity, which makes it fit for manufacturing electrodes used in certain electric arc furnaces and aluminium electrolytic furnaces.
Tentative results using the explosive generator indicate that the electric resistance of the materials tested did decrease.
A & B Die Casting has also installed three compact new electric resistance melting furnaces from Rayteq, in the past two years, the latest with a melting capacity of 720 lbs.
14 April 2010 - Fitch assigned today a national long-term BB(ind) rating with a "stable" outlook to Indian company Hansa Metallics Ltd (HML), engaged in the production of electric resistance welded precision tubes.
Water is heated in an insulated storage tank, in most cases either by an electric resistance heating element or by burning natural gas or LPG.
This option will cost consumers an estimated $801 in 2007, compared with $1,930 for the most expensive home-heating option--an electric resistance system (such as electric warm air furnace heating), AGA said.
Several years ago for the first time specific electric resistance (SER) of thermoanthracite in monolith state was determined [1], the monolith being produced at Dneprovsky Electrode Plant of Ukrainian Graphite, Ltd.
As it turns out, the electric resistance of animal tissues varies enough that appropriate equipment can use that difference to differentiate organs.