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Noun1.electrical plant - utility that provides electricityelectrical plant - utility that provides electricity  
utility - a facility composed of one or more pieces of equipment connected to or part of a structure and designed to provide a service such as heat or electricity or water or sewage disposal; "the price of the house included all utilities"
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TPRI's GreenGen facility is a 250-megawatt electrical plant designed to be China's most efficient and environmentally friendly coal consuming project with carbon sequestration.
Contract notice: Repair and maintenance of plant of buildings, electrical plant, sistem for ventilation, hygien-tehnical maintenance on space, air conditioners and central air conditioners and installation for warmwater heating, with procurement of reserve businesslike.
The most prominent of these projects are two in the electricity and energy sector: a $580m project at the Shabab Electrical Plant, to which the bank is contributing $165m, and a $315m project at the Western Damietta Electrical Plant, to which the bank is contributing $25m.
Yesterday, due to intervention by Tony Blair and the European Union, the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak allowed imports of a small amount of fuel to power the electrical plant which is expected to last for only one and a half days.
The site of the proposed plant, in the Piney Reach Industrial Park on Billingsley Road, has previously been approved for construction of a 1560-MW electrical plant in 2001.
Government industry policy came under fire last night in the wake of the collapse of a North electrical plant.
Alstom, which has train building and heavy electrical plant interests across the Midlands, reported full-year net profit at pounds 125.
Infrastructure (Design and Build); Covering works to Southern Water~s water assets, including: 1) Water supply and distribution pipework, service pipes, valves, meters, chambers; 2) Wastewater sewer pipework, sewer rehabilitation, valves, penstocks, manholes; 3) Mechanical and electrical plant and equipment; 4) Instrumentation, control and automation equipment.
For us, employing 35 people in a foundry, using modern efficient electrical plant, the saving per month on NI is pounds 16, whereas the increase in fuel costs (and the average is not 10 per cent - it will be closer to 20 per cent) will be almost pounds 500 per month.
Visits to such places as an Edison electrical plant and local free clinics encourage participants in the United Way program to take the broader view, he said.
The Contractor shall carry out the maintenance and repair of the mechanical and electrical plant and equipment and respond to any call-outs as detailed in this specification.
The ministry had already received proposals from the Chinese Shanghai Corporation and a number of Egyptian investors to establish a coal-fired electrical plant after President Morsy's visit to China last summer.

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