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n. electrocauterización, destrucción de tejidos por medio de una corriente eléctrica.
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The patients were randomly divided into three groups (random sorting through a computerized list of patients), each of them employing a different means of hemostasis: in Group-I, classic surgical procedures were used to achieve hemostasis (ligatures and bipolar electrocauterization alone); in Group-II, oxidized regenerated cellulose patch (SurgicelA(r) cellulose-based hemostat 2.
The GCT curettage was done with a similar process including normal-appearing bone was seen after curettage, a high-speed burr was used to enlarge the cavity in 2 mm, and electrocauterization was used for the wall of cavity [Figure 2].
2] laser, electrocauterization, cryotherapy, and photodynamic therapy may be used when too many lesions are present and when recurrence occurs.
2) Different surgical approaches such as turbinoplasty, electrocauterization, laser surgery, cryoablation, and turbinectomy have been described.
6] Many treatment modalities are available for umbilical granuloma such as chemical cauterization, electrocauterization, cryocauterization, granuloma ligation, and surgical excision.
Haemorrhage was controlled with electrocauterization and ligation of the major vessels (dorsal penis arteries and veins).
Surgical intervention and electrocauterization are re- served for residual lesions or correction of deformities.
All patients underwent transurethral electrocauterization of their ulcers, which resulted in immediate pain relief.
the second control group for tolerant ischemia (vertebral electrocauterization with ligation of both carotid arteries for 4 minutes without 10-minute religature, one animal.