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n. Medicine
Therapeutic use of a high-frequency electric current to bring about the coagulation and destruction of tissue.
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The PlasmaBlade cuts and coagulates tissue with less thermal damage than does cold dissection, and less electrocoagulation for hemostasis is needed, which minimizes the direct thermal injury to nerve endings and the surrounding peritonsillar tissues.
Different endoscopic modalities have been used, including bipolar electrocoagulation, injection sclerotherapy, heater probe, laser photocoagulation, epinephrine injection, hemoclipping, and banding (5).
Barkaoui, Studies on the Decolorization of Textile Dye Wastewater by Continuous Electrocoagulation Process, Chem.
If the diagnosis of a small fistula is established late and the fistula is epithelized, electrocoagulation of the mucosal layer and catheterization may lead to closure in up to 75% of cases (7).
Ablative methods like cryotherapy, electrocautery, cold coagulation and electrocoagulation diathermy rely on accurate colposcopically directed biopsy diagnosis, because no tissue is available for histopathological confirmation & therefore are only therapeutic.
Mechanical devices have traditionally been preferred to electrocoagulation owing to risk of bowel injury with unipolar coagulation and poor outcomes of sterilisation reversal as a result of the destruction of tissue.
Ligation or electrocoagulation of the cyst pedicle should be a part of surgical procedure to avoid recurrences.
2] laser or electrocoagulation, smoke evacuators are 98.
Copper, chromium and nickel removal from metal plating wastewater by electrocoagulation.
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