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n. Medicine
Therapeutic use of a high-frequency electric current to bring about the coagulation and destruction of tissue.
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As a final conclusion it can be said that electrocoagulation is an efficient process for removing contamination charge index (COD) and can be used as a fast, easy, economical and low cost way needing less equipment and limited space.
AWWT uses innovative technologies, such as electrocoagulation to clean polluted water without the use of chemicals.
The belief that endometriosis always grows back is another destructive myth, which may be fueled by what I believe is the superficiality of laser and electrocoagulation therapy The literature shows that in several hundred patients who had second-look surgery after having their endometriosis excised, the cure rate was 60%.
Multipolar electrocoagulation may be preferable to argon plasma coagulation for ablating Barrett's esophagus, Dr.
Obese women showed a better response to laparoscopic electrocoagulation of the ovarian surface (LEOS), whereas lean women responded well to medical therapy with the follicle-stimulating hormone Metrodin in a study involving 128 women who had been infertile for a range of 2-8 years.
A study of electrocoagulation and ligation techniques.
It features a mobile electrocoagulation system that uses electricity to treat flowback and produced water at rates of up to 26,000 barrels per day while using minimal power.
14 - Accessories for apparatus for electrocoagulation ERBE
Conservative therapies may provide symptomatic relief, while surgical techniques such as rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, electrocoagulation, and hem orrhoidectomy allow definitive resolution.
Y) University noted that a 1988 review found fewer technical difficulties with electrocoagulation than with the clips or the Falope ring and fewer pregnancies after bipolar electrocoagulation or endocoagulation.
A tiny bleeder on each side of the uvula requires electrocoagulation.
JET Oil Solutions, Salt Lake City, Utah, founded in 2007, specializes in the electrocoagulation technology to clean water and de-emulsify slop oils in oil and gas applications.
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