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tr.v. e·lec·tro·de·pos·it·ed, e·lec·tro·de·pos·it·ing, e·lec·tro·de·pos·its
To deposit (a dissolved or suspended substance) on an electrode by electrolysis.
The substance so deposited.

e·lec′tro·dep′o·si′tion (-dĕp′ə-zĭsh′ən, -dē′pə-) n.
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Noun1.electrodeposition - the deposition of a substance on an electrode by the action of electricity (especially by electrolysis)
deposition, deposit - the natural process of laying down a deposit of something
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Advances in coating technologies include contributions on tin plating, zinc-based coatings, Ni-W composites for plug connectors and Al and Pd electrodeposition from ionic liquids.
Explore a range of electrodeposition defects, such as mouse bites, pitting, and domed or crown plating.
The focus of R&D activities will include coating formulations, resins, polymer synthesis, and coating applications for electrodeposition and spray-coats coatings.
They discuss such aspects as recent developments and potential automotive applications, polyamide six reinforced with carbon nanotubes for automotive parts, the development of a transparent nanocomposite for automobile polymer glazing, a 20-year review of polymer-clay nanocomposites at Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, the ultrasonic cavitation based casting of aluminum matrix nanocomposites for automobile structures, and the synthesis and characterization of nickel and nickel-titania nanocomposite coatings processed by pulse electrodeposition.
These were then applied on steel substrates by a cathodic electrodeposition technique.
In this research the electrodeposition was carried out in two solutions evaluating the effect of electrochemical variables by voltammetric determination in the extraction of V and Ni from Castilla heavy crude oil on different electrode materials.
Fabrication of the electrode involves three steps: growth of CuO NWs from a pure copper cable by heat treatment; deposition of a conducting metal layer by sputter-coating; and electrodeposition of active material onto the nanostructures.
The electroless and electrodeposition of silver metal onto copper substrate is an important industrial process that is used primarily by the manufactures of printed circuit boards to prevent degradation of exposed copper surfaces (conduction tracks) during the time that elapses between the manufacture of the circuit board and the assembly procedure incorporating the board or component into a finished device.
The brochure discusses and recommends important carbon black properties for coating applications such as high-jetness automotive base coat, general industrial, electrodeposition and powder coating systems.
The effect of solanum tuberosum (ST) extracted juice and Al dispersed particulate for Zn bath electrodeposition on mild steel from aqueous chloride solutions was investigated.
Fabricating Superhydrophobic Surfaces via a Two-Step Electrodeposition Technique"
Bipolar electrochemistry is a very powerful tool for the study of corrosion, separations, detection of analytes and electrodeposition, as well as for the generation of motion.