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A flow of intense electric current that moves from west to east in the ionosphere above the earth's magnetic equator.


(General Physics) a narrow belt of fast-moving ions in the ionosphere, under the influence of the earth's magnetic field, causing auroral displays


(ɪˈlɛk trəˌdʒɛt)

a current of ions in the upper atmosphere that moves with respect to the surface of the earth and causes various auroral phenomena.
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Every product, from our Polaris Popular immersion heaters, Nautilus, Jet Stream and Electrojet heat exchangers to our Tankmaster Temperature & Liquid Level Controllers, undergo thorough testing before leaving our Sandhurst factory.
The key to these newly discovered events is the equatorial electrojet (EEJ), a narrow flow of current that winds along the equator approximately 60 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth's surface in the ionosphere.
Field-aligned current flow associated with intrusion of the substorm-intensified westward electrojet into the evening sector.
Hall 2 will feature fibre technologies and leading companies like Murata-Muratec, Electrojet, SML, LMW, Milhan Makine, Murata, Oerlikon Group, Superba, Power-Heat-Seat, Starlinger, Graf, Fadis, Savio, LohiaStarlinger, Agteks, Uster, Milhan, Huzur Makina, etc.
Los indices de actividad geomagnetica Dst, SYM-H (indice analogo a Dst) y el indice de Electrojet auroral AE han sido obtenidos a partir del WDC para Geomagnetismo en Kyoto, Japon (http://swdcwww.
A surge in the ring current jolts the electrojet and may also push it to lower latitudes.
Products include Polaris electric imineision heaters, NAUTILUS tank heater and coolei; ELECTROJET and JET-STREAM external systems.
The Toyota JAT 710 weaving machines from Japan are installed with LT 2 overhead cleaners from ElectroJet with accessories from Staubli and Grob Horgen.
Swept around by the planet's magnetic field, these triatomic ions form the bulk of the circulating electrojet stream.
The ElectroJet external tank heater is designed to heat tanks containing corrosive liquids without causing an obstruction.