electrolyte balance

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Noun1.electrolyte balance - an equilibrium between the amounts of electrolytes (as calcium and sodium and potassium) that is essential for normal health and functioning
balance - a state of equilibrium
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Natural coconut water is a great way to replenish electrolytes after training as it has a perfect electrolyte balance that matches that of the human body.
Contract award: tender for the supply of blood substitutes and perfusion solutions (solutions for parenteral nutrition and electrolyte balance, etc.
By doing so, the circuit ensures animals take in the right amount of fluid to maintain blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and cell volume.
Dehydration hydration can affect your electrolyte electrolyte balance and not having enough enough magnesium or potassium in your blood blood stream affects muscles.
com)-- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued great endorsement for the role of magnesium in maintaining normal bones, teeth, protein synthesis, electrolyte balance, neurotransmission, muscle contraction and energy yielding metabolism.
Wood-apple has also been included in their diet to help the animals keep their stomach cool and oral rehydration salts are being given to keep to help them from dehydration and to restore their electrolyte balance," Khan added.
It's essential for a host of bodily activities, including being a natural carrier for trace minerals, moving critical elements through the cell membrane, aiding nerve transmission, heart and other muscle contraction, absorption of amino acids and simple sugars from the small intestine, electrolyte balance and more.
Golazo Hydration is a replenishing electrolyte drink with the perfect electrolyte balance to keep you hydrated, natural potassium from 10% coconut water, and just the right amount of simple carbs for quick fuel when you need it.
Keys to the management of this condition are(l) early isolation of the causative organism by fungal smear and culture, (2) adequate control of diabetes, (3) maintenance of electrolyte balance, and (4) controlled aggressive surgical .
Responses to stress, injury, absorption of nutrients maintenance of water and electrolyte balance and energy metabolism constitutes major areas of control and integration offered by the endocrine system.