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Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Performance and Verification Requirements, Aeronautical Design Standard, ADS 37A-PRF, May 28, 1996.
to update policy and responsibilities for the management and implementation of the DOD Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Program to ensure mutual electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and effective E3 control among ground, air, sea, and space-based electronic and electrical systems, subsystems, and equipment, and with the existing natural and man-made electromagnetic environment (EME).
The course gives an appreciation of how electromagnetic environmental effects and spectrum certification concerns impact systems acquisition, and provides an understanding of the tasks that must be undertaken during the acquisition process to ensure compatibility.
In August 2013, the Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Center and subject matter experts (SMEs) from the DON Spectrum Management (SM) and Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) communities met and recognized the need to integrate and standardize processes to extract common data from current SM/E3 "legacy" business processes.
Under the terms of the subcontract, URS will provide engineering systems support, including Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Activities and Services, Spectrum Frequency Management, Modeling and Simulation, and Software Engineering to assist the JSC in meeting national security and military objectives.
Address : Sameer Centre For Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Door No.
Also, using signal boosters aboard naval ships, aircrafts and installations requires special consideration for electromagnetic environmental effects.
Navy's Electromagnetic Environmental Effects programs at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division.
Contract Awarded for electromagnetic environmental effects training
We developed the graphic to show that there are required capabilities in Assured Access, Real-Time Spectrum Operations and the need to enforce policies and procedures through our strategic electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) and acquisition efforts, but all require a foundational capability for E3 and Spectrum Training.
EMA) on its over $40 million prime contract with the surveillance and systems engineering department of SPAWAR, Anteon will principally provide support in the area of electromagnetic environmental effects.

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