electromagnetic force

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electromagnetic force

The force exerted by the electromagnetic interaction of electrically charged or magnetically polarized particles or bodies.

e·lec·tro·mag·net·ic force

The force arising from the attractions and repulsions associated with electric and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic force is one of the four basic forces in nature, being weaker than the strong nuclear force but stronger than the weak force and gravity.
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m] and the value of the impulse of the electrodynamic or electromagnetic force acting on the armature.
The electromagnetic force acting on the valve core is determined by the coil current, the number of coil turns N, the air gap length l and the magnetic reluctance [R.
Because electromagnetic force does most of the work in applying the magnetic attractions, permanent magnets operate more efficiently with smaller components.
According to [17], the fundamental component of electromagnetic force [F.
Needless to say, conventional biomedicine recognizes that the electromagnetic force is indeed the main physical force at work in organisms, but its use is typically restricted to explaining extremely short-range interactions such as those between adjacent molecules in biochemistry.
with matrix (dH), the matrix of the differentials of the electromagnetic force or the matrix of the curl of (H) given by
It was introduced in 1916 to describe the strength of the electromagnetic force, which governs how charged objects interact and how molecules form.
Electromagnetic force control: Indentation test force can be configured seamlessly
These use electromagnetic force to apply mechanical resistance.
The magnetic energy is used to evaluate the inductance of the launcher coil and the virtual work method is used to evaluate the electromagnetic force acting on the armature.
Photons, for example, are the bosons that transmit the electromagnetic force.

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