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The use of electric and electrolytic processes in metallurgy and in purifying metals or electroplating.

e·lec′tro·met′al·lur′gi·cal adj.


(ɪˌlɛktrəʊmɪˈtælədʒɪ; -ˈmɛtəˌlɜːdʒɪ)
(Metallurgy) metallurgy involving the use of electric-arc furnaces, electrolysis, and other electrical operations
eˌlectroˌmetalˈlurgical adj
eˌlectrometˈallurgist n


(ɪˌlɛk troʊˈmɛt lˌɜr dʒi, -məˈtæl ər dʒi)

the science of the processing of metals by means of electricity.
e•lec`tro•met`al•lur′gi•cal, adj.
e•lec`tro•met′al•lur`gist, n.


[ɪˌlektrəʊmɪˈtælədʒɪ] Nelectrometalurgia f
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Address : Hydro & Electrometallurgy Department, Acharya Vihar
is the parent company of a group of businesses in electrometallurgy, energy, mining and photovoltaic solar power.
Located in Antalya under the name ETI Electrometallurgy Inc, Ozdogu mines chrome ore and operates the first low carbon ferrochromium plant in Turkey.
The plenary session was followed by sessions on nickel laterite hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, solid-state processing and smelting in pyrometallurgy, ores and processing, applications and recycling, and nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgy.
The textile, electrometallurgy, food and automobile industry, environment technologies and renewable energy resources are the spheres in which the German small and medium enterprises want to invest in Macedonia or cooperate with the local partners.
Pechiney (Compagnie des produits chimiques et electrometallurgiques d'Alais, Froges et Camargue, or AFC-Pechiney), founded in 1855, was active in the period studied in chemicals and electrometallurgy.
The fourth, HT corrosion in the process industries, focuses on the steel industry, electrometallurgy, glass and ceramics production, refining, and the petrochemical and chemical industries.
Thomas Margaria is a research group leader and Roland Siclari is a the manager of technical services and product development for Pechiney Electrometallurgy, Paris.
Chapter 6, "Discovery of Electricity," explores developments from the ancient Greeks to electrochemistry, electrometallurgy, and the electric furnace.
Meanwhile, a number of more entrepreneurial chemical companies were moving into two emerging growth industries: electrochemicals and electrometallurgy.
Volume III covers Hydrometallurgy and the Electrometallurgy of Copper, under the following headings: leaching of copper minerals-theory and practice (5 papers); bacterial leaching and leaching of tailings (5 papers); separation and recovery processes (5 papers); impurity control and by-products (8 papers); copper electrorefining, cathode substrates and anode passivation (9 papers); electrorefining tankhouse operations and modernisation (9 papers); copper electrowinning (3 papers); and copper refining developments (6 papers).
He covers extractive metallurgy from the perspectives of pyrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, and hydrometallurgy.