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 (ĭ-lĕk′trŏm′ĭ-tər, ē′lĕk-)
An instrument used for measuring voltage.


(ɪlɛkˈtrɒmɪtə; ˌiːlɛk-)
(Electronics) an instrument for detecting or determining the magnitude of a potential difference or charge by the electrostatic forces between charged bodies
electrometric, eˌlectroˈmetrical adj
eˌlectroˈmetrically adv
elecˈtrometry n


(ɪ lɛkˈtrɒm ɪ tər, ˌi lɛk-)

a calibrated device used for measuring extremely low voltages.
e•lec`tro•met′ric (-ˈmɛ trɪk) e•lec`tro•met′ri•cal, adj.
e•lec•trom′e•try, n.
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Noun1.electrometer - meter to measure electrostatic voltage differences; draws no current from the source
meter - any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity


[ɪlekˈtrɒmɪtəʳ] Nelectrómetro m
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When particles strike the electrometers, they transfer the charge they carry to the electrometer where it is measured in real time.
This reactive power causes great problems with power distributing because it overloads distribution nets and, in addition, electrometers do not record it, so the energy consumer will pay only the real part of the power that was transformed to light, heat, torque, etc.
The OBSs were supplied by groups from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), and electrometers and magnetometers by scientists from WHOI, Australia, France, and Japan.
Sea floor electrometers which measure the average speed of an ocean current by sensing the electric field created by salty seawater moving through the earth's magnetic field.
Tiny electrometers could be used to "pick up electrical field signatures on the surface of a semiconductor," adds Fulton.
A useful glossary of low-level measurement terminology and a guide to selecting instruments suitable for low current and high resistance measurements, such as ammeters, electrometers, and ohmmeters, are included.
ScandiDos designs and develops radiation detectors, electrometers and application software, and is well versed in clinical experience in medical physics and radiation measurements.
There will also be a reconstruction and replacement of cables, shifting of electrometers and a construction of a transformer in the village of Dolna Dikanya near the city of Pernik, which will cost about BGN 88 000.
This leads to the suggestion of an early possible application as electrometers for measuring extremely minute electric fields.
During his 20-year career at Keithley, Green has been involved in the definition and introduction of a wide range of products, including picoammeters, electrometers, digital multimeters, and temperature measurement products.
Dosimetry Equipment: daily dose constancy check devices for Linear accelerators, 2D arrays for the determination of linear accelerator radiation beam flatness and symmetry, devices for pre treatment or during treatment quality assurance of IMRT and VMAT delivery, routine dosimetry equipment, including electrometers and chambers for photon and electron dose measurements and a range of dosimetry phantoms.