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also cal·li·per  (kăl′ə-pər)
1. often calipers An instrument consisting of two hinged legs, used to measure thickness and distances.
2. A large instrument having a fixed and a movable arm on a graduated stock, used for measuring the diameters of logs and similar objects.
3. A vernier caliper.
a. The assembly housing the brake pads in a disc brake.
b. The assembly in certain bicycle brakes that forces the brake pads against the wheel rim.

[Alteration of caliber.]

cal′i·per v.
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Comprised of 14 fishing vessels, this program allows local lobstermen to use tablet computers and electronic calipers to collect and transmit real time data on their catch and share it with researchers and state and federal officials studying the lobster and Jonah crab populations in Narragansett Bay and the southern Gulf of Maine to Hudson Canyon.
When I pull up a study, and there are those annoying little electronic calipers on EVERY image, I can pretty much tell you who read the study before.
Decent electronic calipers are usually of better construction than dial calipers, as there are fewer moving parts to wear out.
799 series electronic calipers now have extended range models up to 40" (1016mm).
Battenfeld Technologies offers the Frankford Arsenal Economy Electronic Calipers at a most reasonable $50 price.
Furthermore, each image contains a photographic reference scale so that measurements can be performed using the Electronic Calipers described later.
Model 799 Series electronic calipers are light, comfortable, easy-to-use, and have a slim, streamlined profile.

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