electronic counter-countermeasures

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Noun1.electronic counter-countermeasures - electronic warfare undertaken to insure effective friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum in spite of the enemy's use of electronic warfare
electronic warfare, EW - military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine or exploit or reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum
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He is author of two books -- Radar Electronic Counter Countermeasures (Artech House, 1979; and Robert Krieger 1985) and Millimeter Wave Radar (Artech House, 1980) -- as well as chapters on electronic counter-countermeasures in Modern Radar Techniques (Collins Professional Tech nical Books, 1987) and Airborne Early Warning Radar (Artech House, 1989).
These revisions include sections on electronic counter-countermeasures and phased-array antennas, and discussions of stretch and stepped-frequency high range-resolution waveforms.
Enhanced electronic counter-countermeasures address requirements of international armed forces in tactical communications.
And of course anti-jamming systems -- the first of what we now call electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) -- were next built into the chain of radar stations Britain had erected on the eve of World War II.

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