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Noun1.electronic scanner - a radio receiver that moves automatically across some selected range of frequencies looking for some signal or condition; "they used scanners to monitor police radio channels"
detector - electronic equipment that detects the presence of radio signals or radioactivity
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WARY: Barbara Jessop, manager of the Kirkwood Hospice charity shop, Lindley, where an electronic scanner has been installed because of a spate of fake notes used by 'customers' (AC211213Cscan-02)
An electronic scanner flagged down a 40-foot container carrying the rims and tyres.
The IRA statement accused prison chiefs of reneging on a deal reached in August 2010 which prisoners claim hasn't been fully implemented and would end the need for strip searching with the introduction of an electronic scanner.
When he leaves work, Raed needs to go through an electronic scanner room for detailed inspection.
The defendant also purchased an electronic scanner worth $440 (BD169), which he later used for deleting and entering information into the cards.
It is only when an electronic scanner gun is used by police to examine the bike that the transponders spring to life and spill the beans about its rightful ownership.
One uses an electronic scanner which is swiped across the surface of the vessel, giving a visual and audible warning if a defect is found.
Following routine inspections in February, March and October 1998, county Department of Weights and Measures inspectors found that the stores' electronic scanner systems overcharged by more than $1 the posted price on 21 of 120 items, according to Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek.
Pets can be identified permanently by your vet, using a tiny microchip that is injected under the skin, giving a unique number that can be read by an electronic scanner.
Patrons place their library cards and each book on an electronic scanner that reads each bar code, records the transaction, and prints out a "date due" slip.
All you need is a personal computer (or laptop) and the electronic scanner, which works much like a fax machine.
Using an electronic scanner, they could discern the slight shifts in position, relative to a fixed background of distant galaxies, of 250 LMC stars during those 15 years.

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