electronic surveillance

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electronic surveillance

1. (Electrical Engineering) the use of such electronic devices as television monitors, video cameras, etc, to prevent burglary, shop lifting, break-ins, etc
2. (Electrical Engineering) monitoring events, conversations, etc, at a distance by electronic means, esp by such covert means as wiretapping or bugging

electron′ic surveil′lance

the gathering of information by surreptitious use of electronic devices, as in crime detection or espionage.
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Noun1.electronic surveillance - surveillance by electronic means (e.g. television)electronic surveillance - surveillance by electronic means (e.g. television)
surveillance - close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)
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WASHINGTON, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Insider Surveillance launched today providing in-depth reporting, analysis and reviews on the key players, technologies, trends and issues surrounding one of the world's most controversial and mysterious markets: the electronic surveillance industry.
It seeks an injunction against the NSA, Justice Department, FBI and directors of the agencies, and challenges what the plaintiffs describe as an ''illegal and unconstitutional program of dragnet electronic surveillance.
Following a competitive procurement the CREST consortium (Collaborative Research in Electronic Surveillance Technology) was chosen to deliver the CCCES programme, in close collaboration with Dstl.
The New Era of Executive Unilateralism and Electronic Surveillance
Gonzales's lawyers contend that the Hamdi decision affirms that the Congressional authorization of force "gave its express approval to the military conflict against Al Qaeda and its allies and thereby to the President's use of all traditional accepted incidents of force in this current military conflict--including warrantless electronic surveillance to intercept enemy communications both at home and abroad.
Students should understand that the issue is not whether government should wiretap potential terrorists, but whether a President can order electronic surveillance of American citizens without justifying such surveillance to a court.
There's plenty of detail on how privacy is invaded--but not what to do about it, so consumers seeking answers will want to turn to Electronic Surveillance And Wireless Network Hacking: Protecting Your Privacy In A Wired And Wi-Fi World for some of these answers and insights.
An AGSI spokesman said: "We have made a submission about electronic surveillance of persons strongly suspected of major drug-dealing to the mid-term review of the National Drugs Strategy.
The FBI's Electronic Surveillance Technology Section (ESTS) has developed a carrier contacts database to provide this information to the law enforcement community.
Their commentaries address the United States Code sections most relevant to wire taps, electronic surveillance, and security in general.
The C3I System will be installed on NSSN Class submarines and primarily provides sonar, combat control, exterior communications, electronic surveillance measures and imaging functions, along with supporting subsystems.
Electronic surveillance tools known as "pen registers" and "trap-and-trace devices" can be used for 48 hours while court authorization is sought if an immediate threat to national security exists or an attack is underway on protected computers.

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