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Noun1.electronic text - text that is in a form that computer can store or display on a computer screen
text, textual matter - the words of something written; "there were more than a thousand words of text"; "they handed out the printed text of the mayor's speech"; "he wants to reconstruct the original text"
machine-displayable text - electronic text that is stored and used in the form of a digital image
machine-readable text - electronic text that is stored as strings of characters and that can be displayed in a variety of formats
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Electronic text, Gelernter says, exists in a state halfway between print and thought.
Falc (2013) surveyed a public speaking class that used an e-textbook and found that 47% did enjoy using the electronic text, with 44% "not sure about liking the eBook," and 18% being very frustrated.
There are similarities, but whatever electronic text is, it is not a book.
Further, in 1997 Aarseth published her Cybertext and coined a new category and methodological tools to investigate the electronic text as a cultural and literary phenomenon.
The Zoom EX takes scanned text and converts it into an electronic text file, which can be saved, edited and read to the student.
Linguists engaged in creating the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature and younger ones who have been attracted to it present studies drawing mostly from that database, which is freely available online.
Works only available in print may be converted to electronic text using scanners with optical character recognition.
Strategies are also offered on how to use the annotation, reference and hypertext capabilities of electronic text to promote active reading.
As a consequence, production centers, such as the Alternate Text Production Center in Ventura College, California, have developed statewide services for the production and distribution of electronic text, braille, and tactile graphics.
Electronic text books are being used as a resource by some teachers, while others are using services requiring passwords to access them.
In an interactive text, there are examples embedded in the electronic text for the student to experiment with, and the student uses the capabilities of Mathematica to solve problems in-line.
The purpose of the presentation was to illustrate the change in academic writing which is occurring because of electronic text forms and hyper-linking.

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