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Noun1.electronics intelligence - intelligence derived from electromagnetic radiations from foreign sources (other than radioactive sources)
SIGINT, signals intelligence - intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence
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com adds Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile Device Application IC Vendors in Emerging Markets research report to the semiconductors and electronics intelligence collection of its library.
Contract Awarded for Electronics intelligence exploitation information reporting (elixir)
The report, titled "Winning the Jump Ball: Sorting Winners from Losers in LEDs and Power Electronics," is part of the Lux Research Energy Electronics Intelligence service.
The Smart trailer technology from Almajdouie Steel Industries puts electronics intelligence on trailers for the first time in the region.
This set of flexible resources delivers unique capabilities, such as multi-board coherency, making the new product especially well suited for beamforming and direction-finding, as required by many radar, signals intelligence, electronics intelligence, and communications applications.
Intelligent Disposable Electronics: Given their small form factor and low cost, the PIC10F are ideal for many emerging "disposable" applications that incorporate electronics intelligence, like property identification.
PALMDALE - Northrop Grumman said German-built electronics intelligence equipment was tested successfully aboard a U.
At the moment, the US has relatively good human intelligence inputs from across the region - Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India and most importantly Pakistan - in addition to its own signals and electronics intelligence capabilities which are second to none.
com adds three IP camera market research reports titled "Global IP Camera Industry Report 2015", "Market Research Report on Global and Chinese IP Camera Industry, 2009-2019" and "The Taiwanese IP Camera Industry, 1Q 2015" to the semiconductor and electronics intelligence collection of its research library.
The report, titled "Price or Performance: Bulk GaN Vies with Silicon for Value in LEDs, Power Electronics and Laser Diodes," is part of the Lux Research Energy Electronics Intelligence service.

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