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A record of the results of an electrophoresis, such as a filter paper on which the components of a mixture are deposited as they migrate under the influence of an electric field.

[electrophoret(ic) + -gram.]
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Figure 3 displays an electropherogram of the six-dye mixture.
When the extract was subjected to CE analysis, three peak clusters with migration time at 5-7, 9-11 and 12-13 min on the electropherograms of natural and cultured Cordyceps were revealed, and represented the major constituents (Fig.
The slopes of increasing fluorescence based on real time PCR with the iCycler were indistinguishable from the increasing peak areas on the electropherogram (Figure 4, panels A and B, slopes of 0.
We believe that the equivocal results by capillary electrophoresis analysis can be explained by the sample loading conditions needing to be adjusted to produce an optimal electropherogram output.
Figure 3 is one example of an electropherogram from a sample of black tea with sugar that was adulterated with azide (< 10 ppm).
The heights of the peaks displayed in the electropherogram indicate the relative intensity of the emitted fluorescent light (measured as relative fluorescent units [RFUs]), which can be correlated to the ratio of DNA fragments present.
This is particularly true in the case of heterozygotes that may be relatively harder to detect using fluorescence, owing to overlapping peaks in the electropherogram (28).
If there were no peaks in the electropherogram, the sample compartment was filled with 7 [micro]L water, a sample collector filled with blood was inserted into the holder, and 3 subsequent separation runs were performed without refreshing the water plug.
The low reported specificity reflects the frequent occurrence of slight abnormalities in the electropherogram at the anodal part of the [gamma]-globulin fraction (fibrinogen region) (4).
A single electropherogram of BSA in relation to CA is shown in Fig.
We now describe a fluorescent ms-PCR assay for FXS that classifies NL, premutation, and full mutation affected males and females according to their unique GeneScanTM electropherogram patterns.
When analysis was performed on a transferrin-free serum sample obtained by immunosubtraction with rabbit anti-human transferrin (17), no interfering peaks were detected by either method (data not shown), thus indicating that the peaks observed in the HPLC chromatogram and CE electropherogram were indeed transferrin glycoforms.