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A record of the results of an electrophoresis, such as a filter paper on which the components of a mixture are deposited as they migrate under the influence of an electric field.

[electrophoret(ic) + -gram.]
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The electrophoretogram showed three different genotypes : Homozygous Pro198Leu (PP) (240 bp band), homozygous Pro198Leu (LL) (163 bp and 77 bp bands), and heterozygous Pro198Leu (PL) (240 bp, 163 bp, and 77 bp bands) [Figure 2].
An example electrophoretogram from an agarose gel is shown in Figure 1.
The electrophoretogram of untreated pBR322 plasmid DNA shows two bands for form I and form II (Fig.
The patient's electrophoretogram was normal, and subsequent immunofixation was negative, which ruled out monoclonal gammopathy.
In particular, secondary metabolites have greater impact on 2- DE, such as phenols, which are easy to be oxidized during protein sample preparation resulting in irregular protein dots and streaks in the 2-D electrophoretogram image (Valcu and Schlink, 2006).
An example of the 'banding patterns' resulting from gel electrophoresis is shown in the electrophoretogram of Figure 4.
The electrophoretogram analysis indicated a (CA)17 microsatellite locus, two repeats exceeding the expected pattern for the domestic dog.
Although smears were observed on the electrophoretogram (likely due to the polydispersity and/or heterogeneous size distribution in the hyaluronic acid samples), difference in electrophoretic pattern was discernable for HAs of different size: the higher the MW, the slower the mobility (Fig.
3A shows gel electrophoretogram of the effect of 3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde on in vitro oxidative damage of [phi]X-174 RF I plasmid DNA by hydroxyl radical generated through Fenton reaction between [Fe.
A double peak appears on the electrophoretogram during the process of dideoxynucleotide sequencing when: