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A record of the results of an electrophoresis, such as a filter paper on which the components of a mixture are deposited as they migrate under the influence of an electric field.

[electrophoret(ic) + -gram.]
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An example electrophoretogram from an agarose gel is shown in Figure 1.
The electrophoretogram analysis indicated a (CA)17 microsatellite locus, two repeats exceeding the expected pattern for the domestic dog.
Although smears were observed on the electrophoretogram (likely due to the polydispersity and/or heterogeneous size distribution in the hyaluronic acid samples), difference in electrophoretic pattern was discernable for HAs of different size: the higher the MW, the slower the mobility (Fig.
3A shows gel electrophoretogram of the effect of 3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde on in vitro oxidative damage of [phi]X-174 RF I plasmid DNA by hydroxyl radical generated through Fenton reaction between [Fe.
A double peak appears on the electrophoretogram during the process of dideoxynucleotide sequencing when:
These bursts are recorded, producing a histogram, a DNA "fingerprint," which is exactly analogous to the electrophoretogram produced by gel electrophoresis.
In this study, peaks in the electrophoretogram were assigned to the different protein fractions based on the albumin value obtained by the BCG method.
The bands of 32 kDa and 26 kDa components almost disappeared and two bands appeared at 15 kDa and below 10 kDa of the electrophoretogram of the curd by B.
Because a separate fluorescent marker is used for each of the four bases of DNA, a typical sequencing electrophoretogram appears as a series of colored peaks.
The proband was heterozygous for the defect as demonstrated by the sequencing electrophoretogram (Fig.
Consistent differences were observed in the electrophoretogram patterns.