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A process of applying a high-voltage electrical pulse to a living cell, causing temporary permeability of the cell membrane, through which a foreign material such as DNA may pass.

[electro- + poration, inducement of permeability of a cell membrane (pore + -ation).]
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Procurement Lot 1 Freezer -80 C Lot 2 Electroporated Lot 3 Co2 Incubator O2 Lot 4 2D Electrophoresis, Sds-Page, Western Blot, Mecatim Lot 5 Static and Shaking Incubator
dagger])OXA-48-type plasmids were electroporated into E.
5]) were electroporated using Amaxa Nucleofector (Lonza, Basel, Switzerland) in 100 [micro]L electroporation buffer [20 mM HEPES, pH 7.
Cells were also electroporated with only plasmid DNA (pSD5) as expression control.
Failure to immediately added SOC to the electroporated cells can significantly reduce cell viability and decrease transformation efficiency.
By employing capillary electrodes, adherent cells are easily electroporated directly in the cell-culture dish where they are grown.
After insertion the electroporated cells were plated and allowed to grow.
The plasmid DNA was then electroporated into competent Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells.
The buffer solution containing one million protoplasts/ml, mixed with plasmid DNA pBIN35S-mGFP4, were electroporated at 375 V/cm.
This apparatus includes a continuous flow shunt allowing blood to be withdrawn from the patient and a pre-sterilized, disposable chamber in which the cells in this blood can be electroporated, allowing therapeutic genes or drugs to be infused into the cells.
AGS-004 is produced from autologous, monocyte-derived dendritic cells that are electroporated with RNA encoding for CD40L and for HIV antigens Gag, Nef, Rev, and Vpr, derived from each patient's pre-ART plasma.
The cell suspension (400 [micro]L) was electroporated in a 4 mm cuvette using 10 pg knock-in vectors with four-1 ms pulses using 400 V capacitive discharges by a BTX Electro-cell manipulator (ECM 2001, BTX, Holliston, MA, USA).