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a. Of or relating to electric charges at rest.
b. Produced or caused by such charges.
2. Of or relating to electrostatics.

e·lec′tro·stat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.electrostatically - in an electrostatic manner; "the dust adhered electrostatically to the surface"
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Whey protein was conjugated either covalently or electrostatically with gellan, and spread on the air-water interface formed on a Langmuir trough.
Tenders are invited for Promax Organic Vapour Camouflage ,450 Slvac Blue Colour , Sms Fabric Flat And Fold , C Type Filtering With Carbon Layer For Relief Against Nuisance Odour Of Organic Vapours And With Latex Advanced Nrv Electrostatically Charged -Electret Filter Media With More Than 94 Percent Filteration Tested At 0.
They operate by electrostatically charging the dust particles in gas streams, causing them to accumulate on opposite charged plates or other collection devices.
Made of an electrostatically dissipative Victrex PEEK grade, Victrex PEEK-ESD polymer, with proven performance in harsh environments including aggressive aerospace fluids, the Victrex solution is for the first time specified in commercial aircraft - Bombardier's CSeries, Global and Learjet aircraft.
Most often associated with metal parts, it uses finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which are electrostatically charged, then sprayed onto a part to be coated.
In addition to providing interior protection, one coat of ETFE can be electrostatically applied at the same time to the exterior of the vessel to guard against chemical drips and environmental concerns.
Technostat is H&V's electrostatically charged air filtration medium that finds use in a number of areas including respirators, vacuum cleaners, medical and applications and heating ventillation and air conditioning units globally.
FiberStore's full complement of thermally and electrostatically actuated Optical Attenuators is available today for sampling or production shipments.
4) Static pull-in analysis of electrostatically actuated micro beams using homotopy perturbation method
This change triggers the reduction of reporter ions electrostatically associated with the DNA strands, creating an electric current that can be measured.
Washington, August 31 ( ANI ): Purdue University researchers have created a tiny mechanical device, an electrostatically actuated nanoresonator, that could help cell phone users avoid the nuisance of dropped calls and slow downloads.
Nylon fibers are electrostatically attached to plastics, lending dimension and realism previously unheard of, and certainly unseen afield until recently.