elevator operator

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Noun1.elevator operator - an operator of an elevatorelevator operator - an operator of an elevator    
elevator girl - a girl employed to operate an elevator
elevator boy, elevator man, liftman - a man employed to operate an elevator; "in England they call an elevator man a liftman"
manipulator, operator - an agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard"
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After his father, an electrician, was injured on the job, the teenage Damone got a job as an usher and elevator operator at the since defunct Paramount Theatre in Times Square.
Located in a McKim, Mead & White-designed white-glove building with fulltime doorman, elevator operator and private courtyard and gym.
That said, the economist James Bessen notes that only one of the 270 jobs listed in the 1950 US Census has been fully replaced by automation - the elevator operator.
From Teddy Kennedy to the elevator operator, and the men and women who cleaned our office and polished the floor.
The elevator operator is dressed in an old-style uniform decked in brass button while breakfast is served by a waiter donning white gloves.
After high school, Emma worked as an elevator operator and kept on advocating for those who faced racism and deportation.
In the longest piece, "All These Stairs," an elevator operator sandwiches the meager but heartbreaking facts of her lonely life into a stream of consciousness, including rich, detailed descriptions of objects and strangers, while a much-anticipated reunion with the son she hasn't seen in over a decade becomes another missed connection.
She soon left school and worked as an elevator operator in a Los Angeles department store, where ex-actress and Hollywood talent agent Sue Carol discovered her.
Album opener Elevator Operator introduces us to Oliver Paul, 20, who, half-way on his commute to work, decides not to go.
But when he meets Mary-Lou, a lonely, unloved, and simple girl who works as a maid, bell-hop, and elevator operator in a small hotel, his plans are threatened both by his own discovery of sex and drink, and by sinister Government agents.
When the broadcaster and his bodyguards got into the elevator, the old man was standing beside the elevator operator.