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Haidt, McCauley, and Rozin (1994) developed a scaled questionnaire to measure respondents' degree of perception of phobia, in which 32 statements are categorized into seven domains of fear elicitors.
In his work entitled "Application of Nitric oxide and organic elicitors for Resistance Induction in Washington Navel orange against P.
For example, bodily products and fluids are universal disgust elicitors in humans.
Hydrophobic properties of the 24 kDa protein are similar to a subgroup of fungal elicitors such as Trichoderma Viride Xylanase and eliciting of Phytophthora strains (Bailey 1995).
Therefore, the use of biotechnological tools is common to meet the demand to try producing and increasing the quantities of these metabolites, such as practicing in vitro cultivation associated with using elicitors (Perez-Alonso et al.
This technique includes variations of the essential elements ratios in a nutrient solution or the inclusion of elicitors, such as salicylic acid or methyl jasmonate.
Elicitors have been involved in plant defence response and plant-microbe interactions, flavonoid production by plants (including isoflavones) may be increased when plants recognize certain molecules or structures that characterize a pathogen or a symbiont; such compounds are known as inducers or elicitors.
The induced systemic resistance (ISR) by chemical or biological elicitors has the advantage of enabling the cultivation of susceptible varieties, thus, causing less impact to the environment and containing no toxic effects on the pathogen, preventing the appearance of isolates tolerant to treatment with inducers (SILVA et al.
treated with plant growth regulators and Antoniazzi & Deschamps (2006) in barley plants treated with elicitors and fungicides.
HIS blends elicited by arthropod feeding (or oviposition) are typically chemically distinct from blends induced by mechanical damage alone, and their production is influenced by the presence of chemical elicitors in the oral secretions of feeding herbivores (Reymond, 2013; De Moraes et al.
Although further research is needed to fully elucidate the effects of metal stress (NASIM & DHIR, 2010), some results indicated that these substances may be useful as elicitors in plants with a unique metabolism.
In earlier studies on two major metabolites, Tanshinones [25] and Spirobisnaphthalenes [26], yeast extract was found to work as biotic elicitors.