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All we have to do is just that to eliminate the trained-animal turn from all public places of entertainment.
The dresser, and the great walnut wardrobe which held all my clothes, even my hats and shoes, I had pushed out of the way, and I considered them non-existent, as children eliminate incongruous objects when they are playing house.
I really think that we may eliminate him entirely from our calculations.
The knowledge that he alone could navigate the Cowrie had, up to now, been sufficient assurance of his safety; but quite evidently something had occurred of which he had no knowledge that would make it quite worth the while of his co-conspirators to eliminate him.
Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.
In order to eliminate the reference to our perceptions, which introduces an irrelevant psychological suggestion, I will take a different illustration, namely, stellar photography.
The result is massacre; not, however, without its advantages, as it eliminates the more brutal and troublesome of the Isosceles; and by many of our Circles the destructiveness of the Thinner Sex is regarded as one among many providential arrangements for suppressing redundant population, and nipping Revolution in the bud.
We have established in every large region of population a system of voice-nerves that puts every man at every other man's ear, and which so magically eliminates the factor of distance that the United States becomes three thousand miles of neighbors, side by side.
Unlike other designs, the tethers are woven at the same time as the airbag to eliminate potential leakage or tear paths.
He should make clear that we are prepared to eliminate our nuclear weapons if the Security Council develops an effective regime to guarantee total conformity with a universal commitment to eliminate all nuclear arms and reaffirm the existing conventions covering chemical and biological weapons.
Stop quoting non-compatible work and look to poor job profitability and other indicators of non-compatibility for direction on what else to eliminate.
As a result, pressure is on restaurants and food manufacturers to use oils that eliminate trans fatty acids.