elimination diet

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e·lim·i·na·tion di·et

n. dieta de eliminación, dieta reguladora del tipo de alimentos que el paciente debe ingerir después de detectar y eliminar ingredientes que pueden producirle una reacción alérgica.
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Delayed reactions to foods, such as when a child's eczema is made worse by drinking cow's milk, are harder to spot but they can be identified by elimination diets.
Food diaries and trial elimination diets may prove helpful in identifying the responsible foods.
He and his colleagues rely on skin prick testing and radioallergosorbent tests for meats, grains, eggs, and a limited number of the other major food antigens in constructing individualized elimination diets.
Posh was closely followed by fellow ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, who was criticised for saying that elimination diets helped keep her in shape.
Self-diagnosis and embarking on your own elimination diets can do more harm than good.
This includes information on the type of allergy suspected, the risk of severe allergic reactions, the potential impact of the suspected allergy on other healthcare issues (such as vaccination), and the safety of specific allergy tests and elimination diets.
Diagnosis of food intolerance includes hydrogen breath testing for lactose intolerance, fructose mal-absorption, and professionally supervised elimination diets, said Dr Yousuf.
skin prick testing, food elimination diets, oral food challenges, and specific IgE blood tests (sIgE)] available to assist in the identification of foods that may be provoking IgE-mediated allergic reactions.
Could the weight loss attributed to elimination diets be the result of avoiding processed foods and eating whole foods instead?
Jane also warns against long-term reliance on elimination diets.
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