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tr.v. e·lim·i·nat·ed, e·lim·i·nat·ing, e·lim·i·nates
1. To get rid of; remove: an effort to eliminate homelessness; eliminated his enemies.
a. To leave out or omit from consideration; reject: For now, let's eliminate from the discussion the possibility of failure.
b. To remove from consideration by defeating, as in a contest.
3. Mathematics To remove (an unknown quantity) by combining equations.
4. Physiology To excrete (bodily wastes).

[Latin ēlīmināre, ēlīmināt-, to banish : ē-, ex-, ex- + līmen, līmin-, threshold.]

e·lim′i·na′tion n.
e·lim′i·na′tive, e·lim′i·na·to′ry (-nə-tôr′ē) adj.
e·lim′i·na′tor n.
Synonyms: eliminate, eradicate, extirpate
These verbs mean to nullify someone as a factor or cause an activity or condition to come to an end, especially by using drastic methods: eliminated all opposition; eradicate guerrilla activity; policies that attempt to extirpate drug abuse.
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And although this might seem a less substantial revolution in thinking--Aristotle does not, after all, seek to eliminate the very category of innocent suffering--what is so eliminative about his interpretive model is that to the extent tragic characters are not morally at fault for their pains, neither are extrahuman forces or other human beings.
In direct opposition to functionalists and eliminative materialists (such as behaviorists), Thomas Nagel in his famous essay "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
We both reject the view that consciousness itself does not exist, as espoused by eliminative materialists, who themselves verge on a well-earned extinction this point.
The exception is eliminative materialism; anyone who subscribes to the proposition that mental experience in only an illusion or a fiction must thereby repudiate any philosophical view--including his own.
In order to justify this radical claim, known as Eliminative Materialism, Churchland puts forward an argument that takes three main steps.
Outlaw, Tommy Lott, Robert Gooding-Williams, and Josiah Young) adopt his distinction between identity and policy to constitute their eliminative discourses for racial equality within the liberal democratic state.
Of course 'true, ultimate test,' here, is little more than a rhetorical device, essentially a way to rule out eliminative approaches to the problem by fiat.
The obsessional form of childism is eliminative, seeking to destroy children through various rules and punishments, usually physical abuse.
The distressing phenomenon urgently calls for eliminative measures from both the state and society.
What Murphy and others are keen to avoid is any kind of dualism that treats the mind or soul as a separate, distinct entity, on the one hand, and the kind of reductive or eliminative materialism that denies the reality of human consciousness and freedom, on the other.
Patricia Churchland is the queen of eliminative materialism and a committed atheist.