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tr.v. e·lim·i·nat·ed, e·lim·i·nat·ing, e·lim·i·nates
1. To get rid of; remove: an effort to eliminate homelessness; eliminated his enemies.
a. To leave out or omit from consideration; reject: For now, let's eliminate from the discussion the possibility of failure.
b. To remove from consideration by defeating, as in a contest.
3. Mathematics To remove (an unknown quantity) by combining equations.
4. Physiology To excrete (bodily wastes).

[Latin ēlīmināre, ēlīmināt-, to banish : ē-, ex-, ex- + līmen, līmin-, threshold.]

e·lim′i·na′tion n.
e·lim′i·na′tive, e·lim′i·na·to′ry (-nə-tôr′ē) adj.
e·lim′i·na′tor n.
Synonyms: eliminate, eradicate, extirpate
These verbs mean to nullify someone as a factor or cause an activity or condition to come to an end, especially by using drastic methods: eliminated all opposition; eradicate guerrilla activity; policies that attempt to extirpate drug abuse.
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Of, relating to, or tending to eliminate:
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However, I have always viewed Hezbollah as a party with an eliminatory, extremist ideology that believes in resorting to violence against people of its own sect should they disagree with it.
In the overall Higher Education got 32 points while Eliminatory Education got 31 points.
I did a show for UPN with Missy Elliot called Road To Stardom, which was one of the first competition eliminatory talent shows, and I really liked the process of conceptualizing something, bringing all the elements together and then seeing it onscreen.
See SAUNDERS, supra note 32, at 63-64 ("[If] [t]he Court's definition [in Roth], is taken to limit obscenity to sexual or eliminatory depictions and descriptions, it is too narrow.
Meanwhile, recruitment of 537 junior teachers (Science -Math) will be carried for eliminatory schools in grade 9 while 186 and 143 senior eliminatory schoolteachers would be hired respectively for grade 14.
The best way to limit the collective eliminatory impulse is to refuse to participate.
NNA - 1/3/2012 - Minister of Sports and Youth, Faysal Karami, on Thursday uttered gratefulness to the United Arab Emirates, government and people, for the special care it heeds for the Lebanese Diaspora abroad and for the special reception during yesterday's eliminatory match between the Lebanese and Emirati football teams.
Therapeutically guided detoxification stimulates diffusion of toxins outside the cells and tissues, and facilitatates all eliminatory pathways of the body.