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also el·u·ant  (ĕl′yo͞o-ənt)
A substance used as a solvent in separating materials in elution.

[Latin ēluēns, ēluent-, present participle of ēluere, to wash out; see elute.]


(ˈɛljuːənt) or


(Chemistry) a solvent used for eluting
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1 M H3PO4 as mobile phase and the elutant was scanned at 208 nm; for IAA, 35% methanol prepared in 0.
The material submerged in 1 mL of PBS and 1 mL and elutant were collected and replaced every 10 min for the first hour and then hourly for the next 8 hours.
Eighty percent cold acetone fractionation of pooled elutant fractions of Agarose column chromatography concentrates the protein, acetone precipitation selected as priority over ammonium sulphate saturation since the latter imparts brownish colour to extract even after dialysis against 0.
Electrophoresis: Samples of elutant from the Dynabead affnity method were prepared for gel electrophpresis by mixing 1:1 v/v in Laemmli was performed on 4-15% gels (BioRad) in TRIS/ glycine/SDS buffer (Biorad cat# 161-0732) for one hour st 120 V.
We also collected the elutant or flow-through sample containing nonadherent cells from the sP tubes.