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tr.v. e·lut·ed, e·lut·ing, e·lutes
To extract (one material) from another, usually by means of a solvent.

[From Latin ēluere, ēlūt-, to wash out : ē-, ex-, ex- + -luere, to wash; see leu(ə)- in Indo-European roots.]

e·lu′tion n.


removal of soluble matter from a substance to be refined by washing it in water.
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Noun1.elution - the process of extracting one material from another by washing with a solvent to remove adsorbed material from an adsorbent (as in washing of loaded ion-exchange resins to remove captured ions); used to obtain uranium ions
extraction - the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means
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The Company is pleased to announce that it has commenced construction of the elution circuit at its Nichols Ranch ("Nichols Ranch") in situ recovery ("ISR") processing facility located in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.
Contract notice: Supply liquid chromatograph with gradient elution, equipped with refractive index detector, uv detector, automatic injection of sample, communication with different parts
These oxides are also water-insoluble and resist long-term elution.
Chiral separation chromatography is a technique involving two enantiomers of the same compound with different affinities for the stationary phase consisting of a single enantiomer, thus possessing different elution times.
5ml of elution buffer for 3 hours to elute the bound BSA from the membrane.
Centrifugation is required at high speeds during the elution step, where consequently the lids of the tubes shear off, creating tiny projectiles within the rotor.
In addition or alternatively, the block ethylene/[alpha]-olefin interpolymer is characterized by having at least one fraction obtained by temperature rising elution fractionation (TREF), wherein the fraction has a block index greater than about 0.
In other words, how are the different affinities taken into account in the elution profiles?
Figure 1 illustrates the chromatographic elution profile for the proprietary hydrophobic peptide normalized against the elution profiles of the common endogenous phospholipids and lysophospholipids.
The Combo Stent is designed to combine the pro-healing technology used in OrbusNeich's Genous(TM) Bio-engineered R stent(TM) for rapid endothelial coverage with an abluminal sirolimus drug elution for the control of neointimal proliferation.
2) We found that the Rosette and acid elution techniques were effective at detecting a fetomaternal hemorrhage (FMH) requiring additional units of Rh immune globulin (Rhlg; sensitivity 1.
In earlier studies ion-exchange HPLC columns have been used but found to be inconvenient due to their poor stability and/or long elution times required for re-equilibriation of the columns after applying the salt gradient.