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tr.v. e·man·ci·pat·ed, e·man·ci·pat·ing, e·man·ci·pates
1. To free from bondage, oppression, or restraint; liberate.
2. Law To release (a child) from the control of parents or a guardian.

[Latin ēmancipāre, ēmancipāt- : ē-, ex-, ex- + mancipāre, to sell, transfer (from manceps, mancip-, purchaser; see man- in Indo-European roots).]

e·man′ci·pa′tive, e·man′ci·pa·to′ry (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.
e·man′ci·pa′tor n.
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Adj.1.emancipative - tending to set free
unrestrictive - not tending to restrict
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Thus, arts-based methodologies are spatial tools to access a deeper understanding and emancipative ownership among the users on campuses, especially with populations who are vulnerable to marginalization, inequity, and segregation.
For instance, while Welzel (2011) finds that adherence to emancipative values and liberal democracy is somewhat lower in Confucian Asia when compared to the West, the difference is only a matter of degree.
As if the emancipative democracy should be a lame talk-shop, not a pursuit of happiness' road-map.
According to the professionals, this occurred because it was poorly emancipative and did not promote reflection and possibilities for women's choice and independence.
2006) Emancipative values and democracy: Response to Hadenius and Teorell.
Microstorie magistrali: Emma Tettoni fra carduccianesimo e reti emancipative.
Particularly, those debates have had the virtue of evidencing the heterogeneity of the (re)articulations and intertwining of imperial and emancipative agendas (Boltanski and Chiapello 2005), leading us to conceive past and present forms of imperialism as something exceeding the conditions of a passive landscape against which human forces stand out.
Said's ironic stance, aware of its limitations and not easily prone to ideological and epistemological dogmatism, as so many emancipative discourses are, thus proves a rich source of inspiration for Skorczewski's project.
That requirement emerges from the need for articulation between these two types of knowledge, to that this articulation generates reflective and emancipative action and rational discussions.
Both of them emphasize "the emancipative importance" of the outbreak of a multitude of particular rationalities and the acknowledgement of historicity and contingency of all value systems that emerges within the world of mass media.
Self-expression values are reflective of an emancipative orientation.