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emarginate leaf


 (ĭ-mär′jə-nĭt, -nāt′)
Having a shallow notch at the tip, as in some petals and leaves.

[Latin ēmarginātus, past participle of ēmargināre, to take the edge away : ē-, ex-, ex- + margō, margin-, margin; see merg- in Indo-European roots.]

e·mar′gi·na′tion (-nā′shən) n.


the state of being notched at the edge or the process of notching at the edge, as some leaves or the page of a book, particularly a reference work with thumbindexing.
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anostostoma has longer and more downcurved clypeus hornlets (length greater than diameter of eye), cerci without dorsal spinule, its subgenital plate has a v-shaped emargination, and the distance between the styli is barely greater than half their length.
Sub-genital plate of female with deep emargination on hind margin and with distinct lateral carinae.
Fore femur annulated with dark and light; seventh sternite of female extending to apex of abdomen, covering genitalia from below, eight tergite subrectangular, its apical emargination wide; parameres subcylindrical, slightly narrowed toward apex .
The tadpoles, composing lot MVZ 61061, all had two rows of anterior labium, the second row had a median gap, three rows on the posterior labium, with the third row about 1/2 the length of the second, with sub-marginal papilla, and an oral disk lacking lateral emargination (indented).
The theme of liberation provides a general framework for situating such transforming spirituality; after a clarification on marginality and emargination, as it were, the text elaborates on a mission that comes from the margins as struggle and resistance, as search for justice and inclusivity, and as healing and globality.
Instead they have condylar facets vertically aligned, with a slight lingual emargination between the condyles, and the internal temporal fossa is deep and pocketed.
Male genitalia: Tergum VIII with posteromesal margin deeply emarginate, emargination V-shaped and extending more than half way to anterior margin, almost completely divided (Fig.
Feathers can form independent airfoils by morphologic modifications like emargination (narrowing of 1 or both vanes of a feather) (11) and elongation.
Sterna with scattered fulvous setae, such setae particularly elongate along apical margin of sternum IV, except not present medially along concavity; sternum V with elongate, apically-branched fulvo-fuscous setae along apical margin, such setae relatively dense, not present medially in deep U-shaped emargination.