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In its initial statement, Norwegian Breakaway apologized to travelers who were delayed for the company's next embarkment, but did not talk about those stuck in the storm:
Tenders are invited for Construction of boulder pitching embarkment for flood control and prevent soil erosion from house of house hastali mia to hasan miah under gitaldaha ii gp within dinhata i block samsad no10 mouza baharam poyesti bader kuthi aap no 080509101802
Expression of WSSV infection furnished with some characters as white to reddish-brown / reddish / pinkish / to discoloration (5), (45) over the head and carapace, low appetite, gather near the embarkment etc.
10 July (Diary entry, day of embarkment, Wellington, New Zealand):
159) While the IMO recognizes the need for states to have embarkment, disembarkment, and vessel calling requirements, it has not suggested a unified international standard.
Shipping in both groups was performed using gentle handling techniques and setting embarkment ramps at an inclination of 45[degrees].
Hassle-free embarkment followed and, in no time, we were sipping drinks in the bar whilst the children played in the soft play area.
A quartet of collages framed on one of two hunter green painted rectangular panels signals the embarkment of the project's more specific expressive direction.