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1. A bay or baylike shape.
2. The formation of a bay.


a shape resembling a bay


(ɛmˈbeɪ mənt)

a bay or baylike formation.
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Noun1.embayment - an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulfembayment - an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf
bight - a broad bay formed by an indentation in the shoreline; "the Bight of Benin"; "the Great Australian Bight"
body of water, water - the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean); "they invaded our territorial waters"; "they were sitting by the water's edge"
Guantanamo Bay - an inlet of the Caribbean Sea; a United States naval station was established on the bay in 1903
sea - a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land
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Since the initial discovery of Sargassum horneri and Undaria pinnatifida in the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach complex, their range and abundance has dramatically increased throughout the Southern California Bight to include many Channel Islands and coastal embayments.
The slight embayments mapped at the outer ends of the drains that cross the marsh also generally indicate an erosional state.
Mazes of mangrove-edged connected creeks and embayments create extensive nurseries for bonefish and other species.
Fengate revisited amalgamates all investigations to date to produce the first accurate digitally remastered map of monuments and field boundaries in relation to the Late Bronze Age fen-edge and its associated embayments (fig.
56 papers from the Tenth International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling are presented in this volume, providing engineers in the field with updates on state-of-the-art application and models for bays, sounds, estuaries, embayments, bights, lagoons and coastal seas.
However, burrowers such as nematodes and some copepods are thought to have entered artificial depressions via crawling or passively through disturbance-induced suspension in the intertidal and in shallow embayments (35, 36).
The sequence of sand lenses, black shale, dolomite, and gypsum support a variety of possible shallow, marginal-marine environments such as restricted embayments, lagoons, or salinas.
001 [micro]g/L; high concentrations are detected only in confined coastal embayments and regions immediately adjacent to the coast.
We evaluated spatial and seasonal variations in phytoplankton composition, biomass, distribution and production along the longitudinal axis of the Sardis reservoir and major tributary embayments.
Bishop Harbor is one of the last embayments with an undeveloped shoreline in Tampa Bay.
The large tidal range, small catchment size, and low outflows characteristic of eastern Australian embayments have resulted in the extensive deposition of typically fine-grained Holocene sulfidic sediments (White et al.