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(ĕm-bĕd′) also im·bed (ĭm-)
v. em·bed·ded, em·bed·ding, em·beds also im·bed·ded or im·bed·ding or im·beds
1. To fix firmly in a surrounding mass: embed a post in concrete; fossils embedded in shale.
a. To cause to be an integral part of a surrounding whole: "a minor accuracy embedded in a larger untruth" (Ian Jack).
b. Linguistics To insert or position (a clause or phrase) within a clause or phrase.
c. Computers To insert (a virus, for example) into a software program.
3. To assign (a journalist) to travel with a military unit during an armed conflict.
4. Biology To enclose (a specimen) in a supporting material before sectioning for microscopic examination.
To become embedded: The harpoon struck but did not embed.
n. (ĕm′bĕd′)
One that is embedded, especially a journalist who is assigned to an active military unit.

em·bed′ment n.
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6 m cross regulator at rd 35670 m with embedment parts and worm and worm wheel hoist 15 mt capacity of asolamendha project
Chairing a consultative meeting on the launch of Children Entertainment Channel here, she asked PTV to submit a detailed and comprehensive time-wise plan for the embedment of children content in the running PTV channels.
Flowable fill (also known as CLSM or CDF) may be used as bedding, embedment and backfill for pipeline installation.
Up to 10 categories are open for nomination, and these include Best use of BIM for Construction Sequencing; Best use of BIM for use of Embedded Data Best use of BIM for Health & Safety; Best use of BIM for Costing and Material Take-off; Best Embedment of BIM into Contracts; Best Virtual Reality BIM; Best use of BIM for Sustainability; Best use of BIM to enhance Model Coordination; Best BIM project for Subcontractor Engagement; and, Best overall BIM Project.
Thinning, roughness, darkness, and degeneration of the acetabular cartilage at the corresponding sites of tissue embedment were observed in all 15 patients after tissue excision [black arrow in [Figure 1]c.
In modern-day construction, post-installed anchors like fischer's are gaining more popularity because of flexibility at site and reduced risk for errors and reduced embedment depths.
In this study we proposed a method of analytical solution for boundary value problem of stress-strain state of the bending of an infinite plate with a rigid cross-shaped embedment.
Work performed by Jacob Nielsen at Aalborg University (Nielsen 1999) shows that partial connector plate embedment is not usually uniform and that often greater partial embedment is found at the center of the connector plate, even when the plate appears to be fully embedded.
According the Chinese media reports, the rock burst risk has been steadily rising in the wake of gradually deepened tunnel embedment.
Since the data embedment is done by modifying the pixel values in the cover image, the distortions occur inevitably.
For instance, several models have been proposed depending on the foundation type, its embedment, and its rigidity ([13-15], among others).
X-ray film (Kodak, New York, USA), with a centralized circular 5 mm diameter hole, was used to stabilize the teeth for the embedment procedure, as described previously.