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n. pl. em·bla·zon·ries
1. The act or art of emblazoning.
2. Colorful or prominent decoration, especially heraldic decoration.


(Heraldry) another name for blazonry


(ɛmˈbleɪ zən ri)

1. the act or art of emblazoning.
2. brilliant decoration or embellishment.


heraldic display or decoration; emblazoning. See also ornamentation.
See also: Honors and Regalia
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At that time, enamel armorial porcelain was still being produced because of its high-quality body, exquisite emblazonry, and golden decoration.
At the blasting of trumpets in Book Two of Paradise Lost (506-35) devilish warlike Peers in a "God-like imitated State" muster "round" Satan in the configurations of "fiery Seraphim" in "bright emblazonry," lines Blake borrows in Milton (39/44:22-28, E 140)--where Satan comes "in a Cloud with Trumpets," surrounded by "Cherubim," in order "to imitate" the "Eternal Great Humanity Divine surrounded by / His Cherubim & Seraphim in ever happy Eternity" (my emphasis).
This kind of poetry always produces on our imagination an effect somewhat resembling the impression received on looking at a familiar landscape through the mellow emblazonry of a painted casement.