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 (ĕm-bôs′mənt, -bŏs′-)
1. The act or process of embossing or the condition of being embossed.
2. Embossed ornamentation.
3. The distance between the nondeformed part of a document surface and a specified point on a printed character in optical character recognition.
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Noun1.embossment - an impression produced by pressure or printing
stamp, impression - a symbol that is the result of printing or engraving; "he put his stamp on the envelope"
2.embossment - sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding backgroundembossment - sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background
alto relievo, alto rilievo, high relief - a sculptural relief in which forms extend out from the background to at least half their depth
bas relief, basso relievo, basso rilievo, low relief - a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background; no figures are undercut
half-relief, mezzo-relievo, mezzo-rilievo - a sculptural relief between low relief and high relief
sculpture - a three-dimensional work of plastic art
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Due to the whole European mandate for the braille embossment on all pharmaceutical cartons, that was the entire reason we developed that piece of machinery.
8, the top scan (sample B) shows almost perfect symmetry about the center of the white embossment.
Regarding decoration (laser, embossment, hot stamping, silkscreen), their cost is virtually nothing," he adds.
For goodness sake, put up a decent name plate stating it to be Millennium Place or put up an embossment of vehicles through the ages to illustrate that it is Coventry Transport Museum.
Alongside the Bistoon - Kermanshah Road, is an embossment of a heroic figure leaning against a piece of lion skin.
The symmetrical texture of the decoration, with subtle embossment, provides the perfect frame for elegant food presentation and with the extra assurance of the Dudson lifetime edge chip warranty on flat items, 'Twist' is the ideal choice for a banqueting environment.
THE AI WEIWEI BICYCLE BY THE NUMBERS: 7 Months it took to produce and develop the bike 3 Designers involved, with Ai overseeing the project 10 Saddle prototypes considered, each with differences in texture, color, and embossment of Ai's profile 3 Accent colors considered in production 3 Handgrip textures considered 12 Weight in kilograms 1,720 Length in millimeters 430 Chainstay length in millimeters 72 Angle in degrees of head 74 Angle in degrees of seat 700 Diameter of each tire in millimeters 35 Width of tire in millimeters 44 Teeth in the chain wheel 2 Signed wrenches included with each bicycle 60 Total editions created 27,500 Cost of each bike in U S.
1940), HA, 2013, Signed Bochner and dated ' 13, Monoprint with collage, engraving and embossment on hand-dyed Twinrocker handmade paper, 8x9 3/4 inches.
FlexRun makes adding a customized embossment to a stock bottle or creating new bottle design relatively fast and inexpensive.
An optional embossment on the top or a side print enhances the closure and the brand.
The pint jars feature a vintage-inspired blue tint, period-correct logo and anniversary embossment.