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tr. & intr.v. em·brit·tled, em·brit·tling, em·brit·tles
To make or become brittle.

em·brit′tle·ment n.


archaic to make or become brittle


(ɛmˈbrɪt l)

v. -tled, -tling. v.t.
1. to make brittle.
2. to become brittle.
em•brit′tle•ment, n.
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Verb1.embrittle - make brittle
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
devitrify - make (glassy materials) brittle or opaque
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Most of the studies found in the literature about biocomposites that incorporate cellulose report that it increases the rigidity, but usually embrittles the polymer [22].
Thus the presence of cracks reduces the ductility of the wire and embrittles the wire.
The CryoMill also improves the speed of the grinding process by a factor of two compared to grinding at ambient temperature as the low temperature embrittles the rice grains, making them easier to fracture and pulverize.
2009) reported that acidification embrittles the shell of Crassostrea virginica and Crassostrea ariakensis in their larval state.
Formation of free hydrogen on the surface of the implant embrittles the implants.
Higher residual aluminum and nitrogen levels and slow cooling rates trigger the condition, which embrittles load critical components, reducing the impact strength and ductility of the steel.
Chemical pretreatment that embrittles paint before granulation.
Owing to this, elasticity is lost and the coating embrittles and shrinks.
Bismuth embrittles Pb-free solder joints and should be avoided.
Adding nitroguanidine reduces flame temperature, embrittles the mixture at high concentration, and improves energy-flame temperature relationship.