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v. em·broi·dered, em·broi·der·ing, em·broi·ders
1. To ornament with needlework: embroider a pillow cover.
2. To make by means of needlework: embroider a design on a bedspread.
3. To add embellishments or fanciful details to: embroider the truth.
1. To make needlework.
2. To add embellishments or fanciful details.

[Middle English embrouderen, partly from embrouden (from brouden, broiden, braided, embroidered, from Old English brogden, past participle of bregdan, to weave; see braid) and partly from Old French embroder (en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + broder, brosder, to embroider, of Germanic origin).]

em·broi′der·er n.
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Noun1.embroiderer - someone who ornaments with needleworkembroiderer - someone who ornaments with needlework
embroideress - a woman embroiderer
needleworker - someone who does work (as sewing or embroidery) with a needle
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For I suspect that many will not be satisfied with the simpler way of way They will be for adding sofas, and tables, and other furniture; also dainties, and perfumes, and incense, and courtesans, and cakes, all these not of one sort only, but in every variety; we must go beyond the necessaries of which I was at first speaking, such as houses, and clothes, and shoes: the arts of the painter and the embroiderer will have to be set in motion, and gold and ivory and all sorts of materials must be procured.
He monopolized every embroiderer, jeweler, and tailor that Paris could boast of.
Jacquie Binns, the church embroiderer, has worked on the Warwick Ascension Embroideries since the chapel was built.
More than pounds 140,000 was raised to build the chapel and fund the tapestries, which are the work of embroiderer Jacquie Binns from London.
After that, she had private lessons with the revered embroiderer Florence Wheaton, who became her mentor, as she set out to fulfil an ambition to create "heirlooms of the future".
AWARD winning quilter and embroiderer Sheena Norquay, from the Orkneys, will display her work at the church hall in Kirkby-in-Cleveland, near Stokesley, tomorrow starting at 7.
AN EVENING with award-winning embroiderer Sheena Norquay is on offer on Friday, October 15, in the Church Hall, Kirkby in Cleveland, near Stokesley.
Summary: The actress will be seen essaying a self-reliant embroiderer
Works by 17 painters, seven sculptors, three draftsmen, seven photographers and an embroiderer will be on display for the 10th edition of JABAL (Young Fine Artists of Lebanon).
I'm an animal lover, embroiderer, make small quilts and crafts, watch old tv shows and movies, and I have about 50 pen pals; eight are "regulars.
Creel is a gifted designer and embroiderer and in readiness for her wedding to Prince Luka she is creating a wedding dress to be proud of.
Jenny Adin-Christie, 33, from Chessington, Surrey, added: "It makes it worth all the years of training as an embroiderer.