embryo transfer

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embryo transfer

1. The process in which an egg that has been fertilized in vitro is transferred into a recipient's uterus.
2. A technique used in animal breeding in which an embryo from a superovulated female animal is transferred to the uterus of a recipient female animal. In both senses also called embryo transplant.

em′bryo trans`fer

the transfer of an embryo to or from the uterus of a surrogate mother. Also called em′bryo trans`plant.

em·bry·o trans·fer

n. transferencia del embrión lograda por inseminación artificial, en la cual, se transfiere el óvulo al útero recipiente.
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The results show that, after the first IVF cycle, 43 percent of couples in the intervention group chose single embryo transfer compared with 32 percent in the control group.
In this study, we presented the efficacy of elective cryopreservation of all embryos in patients at risk of OHSS in comparison to the fresh embryo transfer cycles in patients with similar potential risk of developing the syndrome.
By 2010, the single embryo transfer rate had risen to about 10% in women younger than 35 years.
Hannah Newby, study author and Senior Clinical Embryologist at the Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool Women's Hospital, said "Improved implantation rate prediction at Day 3 is very useful when practicing single embryo transfer to reduce the potential for multiple pregnancies - and the risks for both women and foetuses that are associated with this.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- New studies conducted by the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) conclude that single embryo transfer (SET) with comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS) is a successful and viable option for women age 35 and older undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) giving them success as high as their younger counterparts.
Through embryo transfer, one mare can be the genetic mother to a number of foals in one year.
When you decrease the number of embryos transferred, you increase the likelihood that you'll need to follow with a frozen embryo transfer, but now you have higher-quality embryos.
They are the result of years of experience and constant fine-tuning of our stimulation protocols, our laboratory culture conditions and our embryo transfer guidelines.
RAD plans to correlate PGS test results with EmbryoScope time-lapse data as a new approach for boosting IVF success with single embryo transfer.
A total of 26 JS cows, which included 12 heifers, 7 primiparous cows, and 7 multiparous cows, were used as recipients for embryo transfer.
Since the embryo transfer process plays such a significant role in a successful assisted reproduction cycle, I am excited to share with fertility and reproductive specialists the most recent research on the ultrasound method and its rate of success," said Dr.
Until recently, visual-based embryo selection methods have limited the use of single embryo transfer, as success rates were not as high as when two or more embryos were used in a process known as double embryo transfer (DET).