emerald cut

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em′erald cut`

a cut used esp. on emeralds and diamonds in which the girdle has the form of a square or rectangle with truncated corners. Compare brilliant cut, marquise (def. 3a).
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Kieran Hayler's emerald cut diamond engagement ring to her cost 9,000 pounds, which has gone up in value to 9,750 pounds.
NEW YORK, Rajab 3, 1436, Apr 22, 2015, SPA -- A "perfect" 100-carat diamond in a classic emerald cut sold for just over $22 million at auction on Tuesday, according to AP.
30K to more than 1K), as well as the round, heartA[degrees]shaped, pear or emerald cut of the stone.
This spectacular design features emerald cut diamonds set in platinum, and priced at $1 million.
Wongs offers rings set with diamonds of many different shapes and styles, from the ever-popular round brilliant cut and princess cut to the more unusual emerald cut and marquise cut diamonds.
Diamonique Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Ring, pounds 52
The emerald cut diamond engagement ring he gave her cost PS9,000 and has gone up in value to PS9,750.
Customers can choose between elegant designs in the collection like the Angela princess cut engagement ring, Anna emerald cut engagement ring, handmade art deco style ring, Lia cushion cut engagement ring, Samantha engagement ring, double halo, Sonia Milgrain engagement ring, three row diamond ring, and many more.
Wilma, 43, said: "It was the ring of my dreams, 18-carat gold with an emerald cut diamond, the best piece of jewellery I'd ever seen.
THE diam WHA cham BRID Scott USH Brian BEST THE famil Aller THE Gene RING: Beautiful emerald cut mond ring chosen by Brian AT DID THE BRIDE WEAR?
And this Carolee simply blue emerald cut pendant necklace, pounds 39, from John Lewis, should add that splash of colour that's necessary to complete the look.
Besides, at Graff's, there is a necklace of 107-carat emerald cut fancy intense yellow diamonds worth $25million, emerald cut diamond earrings and a bracelet, as well as a beautiful necklace of 200-carat Columbian emerald worth $17million, among various ornaments made of diamond, rubies and other precious stones.

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