emerald green

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em′erald green′

a clear, deep green.
smeraldinoverde smeraldo
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This little difference of opinion," the Prince remarked, looking thoughtfully through the emerald green of his liqueur," interests me.
The foreground, to the footlights, was covered with emerald green cloth.
Look at that flush of wild lavender, where it fades into the sands on one side, and strikes the emerald green of that wet seamoss on the other.
As a white cloud here and there affords a pleasing contrast with the azure sky, so in the lagoon, bands of living coral darken the emerald green water.
com)-- Today, growth-ready Geranium Street Floral shares news that emerald green, its favorite product color, has been selected as the Pantone color of the year.
Give them a modern update and add a touch of colour with pops of cobalt blue an emerald green.
Kelly, 29, says her personal favourite is the emerald green backless sequined dress, right.
The Coventry couple, who tied the knot yesterday, decided an emerald green wedding would give their big day something a bit different.
Jacob said the only adjustment Glenwood -- which in addition to Emerald Green has 23 other luxury rental buildings in Manhattan -- has made in response to the market decline is to reduce initial rental prices.
The first lucky girlfriend to propose will receive an emerald green enamel pendant and necklace set from Newcastle jewellers Ortak.
When she was last seen she was wearing an emerald green, quilted coat and light brown, thick-soled surgical shoes.
Its color is emerald green and its elegant, jewel-like rosettes make the perfect ground cover for bright shade.

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